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Time to be a Kid
Dana Doolin, First Grade Lead Teacher

Standing in line at the supermarket checkout counter recently, I overheard a conversation between a young child and their mother. The child seemed very worried about being late to basketball practice. “Oh, don’t be such a Worry Wart,” the mother replied. Things only escalated between the two from there. This triggered something deep within me because when I was a child I was labeled “Worry Wart” by my parents and the name still stings a bit. What I didn't understand as a child was that worrying can actually be a good thing.


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Emotional Wellness - The Realest Work
Casey Powell, Student Wellness Manager

When I tell people I help teach emotional wellness in schools, I usually get a surprised look, followed by “that’s a real job!?” I smile, nod my head, and then ask what emotions are coming up for them (just kidding). Many may not know, but besides tending to students’ physical needs in the health office, I spend a lot of time tending to students’ emotional needs in the classroom. Phillips Brooks School is an exceptional place for many reasons, but what attracted me to join this community is our renowned emotional intelligence initiatives.

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