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Photograph of artist Amy Sherald surrounded by images of her artwork
Keriann Armusewicz, Visual Art Teacher

There is an inherent comfort in what we know, but it’s time to break away from our comfort zone. I know of some great artists of color and women artists, but not nearly enough to create a rich multicultural art history curriculum through which our students can all, truly, find a mirror. So here’s an official call for wonderful and interesting artists that you may know through which our students can find a mirror.

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Screen-capture from a stop-motion animation project made with felt cutout characters and shapes by 2nd-grade students 
Keriann Armusewicz, Visual Art Teacher

2nd-graders recently visited the Children's Creativity Museum in San Francisco for a 2-dimensional felt animation workshop. Students reviewed the “three Ps” of effective storytelling: person, place, and problem. Students then collaborated in small groups with pre-cut felt shapes to create their own videos using the three Ps while receiving an introduction to the basic principles of stop-motion animation: use a stationary camera, make small changes, and take lots of pictures. We hope you enjoy their videos!

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