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What to Bring to Campus

Policy Scope:

Full community

Policy Owners:

Leslie Richardson, Director of Preschool – 2nd Grade

Jon Fulk, Interim Director of 3rd–5th Grades and Specialists

Last Updated:

Tuesday, October 13, at 2:00 p.m.

It's a very different year, and so we imagine that having a clear list of what to bring (and what not to bring) to campus might be particularly useful! See below.

What students should bring to campus in their backpacks every day

  • Filled water bottle
  • Substantial snack because lunch is later than last year
  • Lunch in an individual bag or package
  • Layer of clothing for outdoor classes, e.g., coat or sweater
  • One extra face covering as a back-up (in a plastic bag)

What to leave at home

  • Supply pouch because we have those on campus
  • Toys, balls, and sports equipment (no shared use)
  • Sunscreen bottle: Please apply sunscreen before coming to school.
  • Materials to share because there is no shared use


Don’t forget to send your child to campus with their iPad and charger on their first day back from distance learning each cycle. It will remain in their classroom throughout their on-campus rotation and will be sent home on the day before they begin their distance-learning week.