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Employee Testing

On-campus options

  • You may sign up for on-campus testing through One Medical, which is also offered to PBS families. Follow the same instructions. If you are electing Friday testing, however, we strongly encourage you to use our second option, below:
  • You may also choose to be tested on campus during the school day by Hannah Widgren, our Health Coordinator, who is trained to administer PCR tests safely and effectively. To do so, follow these instructions:
    1. After confirming which week you are slated for testing in, sign up for a time slot.
    2. Bring a photocopy of your health insurance card, photo identification, and a filled out authorization form to your appointment.

Launch announcement and FAQs

While regular COVID-19 testing has become a necessary component of our jobs and lives, we recognize that scheduling and traveling to testing appointments can disrupt the main focus of our important work educating PBS children, or take away from important time to relax during our personal hours.

We spent many weeks researching options that would make it easier to meet required testing obligations, while taking the burden off of scheduling and travel, allowing you, our faculty and staff, to focus more fully on what you do best – delivering a top-notch education to our students.

Today, we are proud to announce that in partnership with Joffe Emergency Services, we will be offering an on-campus COVID-19 testing resource to all PBS faculty and staff. This partnership will allow you to get your testing done when it’s convenient for you, at the closest of all testing sites – our very own campus.

When will the testing be conducted?
This testing option will begin on November 2nd, and continue regularly, with enough frequency and availability to meet the testing requirements for all PBS faculty and staff.

Who will be administering the test?
Hannah, our Joffe health coordinator, will administer the test.

What type of test will be conducted?
The test is a qPCR nasal swab. The test will take 3-5 minutes.

What should I bring?
Bring a copy of your ID and a copy of the front and back of your primary insurance card. Your insurance will be billed directly for the test. You also need to complete an intake form each time you have a test administered. You will receive the form in advance of the testing date.

How do I schedule my test?
Please stay tuned for more details about sign-ups soon.

Please note that it is not a requirement that you use this on-campus resource; your own medical provider or One Medical remain options available to you.

As always, we remain dedicated to the health and safety of all of our faculty and staff, and this is one of the ways we can bring health, peace of mind, and convenience together during this challenging year.

Employee testing groups

Employees #1

Adams, Chuck
Apodaca, Sophia
Avella, Ashtyn
Boulger, Lisa
Brandt, D.J.
Carlson, Casey
Cerrillo, Armando
Doolin, Dana
Drake, Stan
Englis, Sara
Erickson, Adriana
Erickson, Scott
Fagrell, Anne
Floriani, Cristina
Gaitonde, Meeta
Gerrity, Jimmy
Hall-Koester, Stephanie
Huang, Chery
Lavigne, Michael
Mauricio, Phoebe
McVicker, Krystal
Mothokakobo, Rochelle
Oldenburg, Zac
Phuong, Thomas
Rice, Lea
Richardson, Leslie
Samuelson, Courtney
Stevens, Taylor
Tachis, Amanda
Taylor, Tanner
Thomasian, Ben
Watson, Fiona
Wheatley, Jon
Young, Lane

Employees #2

Armusewicz, Keriann
Brandt, Ashley
Busby, Lisa
Cole, Maggie
Diaz, Aracely
Donahoe, Michelle
Eblen, Kelly
Fulk, Jon
Guertin, Melissa
Haas, Jackie
Jackson, Dave
Khan, Olana
Knoth, Maeve
Kridel, Karen
Lavigne, Lauren
Lunetta, Meiko
Martin, Raveena
Nerod, Katie
Nicholson, Haley
Normington, Kim
Nunez, Jason
Olivieri-Barton, Margaret
Pant, Harshita
Perez, Marcelino
Petersen, Ariel
Plasterer, Kelley
Powell, Casey
Smith, Nina
Torre, Amy
Tridas, Rachel
Tully, Margie
Widgren, Hannah
Wolfe, Karen