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Supporting the Health and Safety of Our Community

Policy Scope:

Full community

Policy Owner:

Scott Erickson, Head of School

Last Updated:

Tuesday, March 9, at 9:00 a.m.

Starting points

As a community, we are all committed to doing all we can to protect each other’s health and safety. To that end, we have established several sets of guidelines for all PBS families and employees who are coming to campus. (Those electing the 100% distance learning program are not subject to these expectations.)

  1. We have articulated some specific guidelines around travel.
  2. We have provided guidance around the creation of “learning pods.”
  3. We have also provided guidance around “social pods,” attending gatherings, and other risky behaviors.

The aim of these policies is not to restrict the freedom of our employees or our families, but instead to ensure that we are taking all the necessary steps to keep each other safe. Each requires a degree of self-assessment of risk. We trust that families and employees will complete that self-assessment with the community’s best interests and the Statement of Responsibility in mind.

Policies for mitigating risk to the community