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Intentions for 2021-2022

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Full community

Policy Owner:

Scott Erickson, Head of School

Last Updated:

Wednesday, March 10, 2021 at 10:00 a.m.

PBS’s Fall 2021 Objectives

We want to provide as much clarity as possible about the new school year’s objectives. Based on rigorous discussions and what we’ve learned educating students in a COVID environment, these are what we’re aiming to achieve when school starts in August 2021:

  • Full-day Preschool to 5th Grade program with students on-campus daily for families who select it.
  • 100% distance learning program for families who need it: The structure of it might look different than this year depending on the numbers, and this program will likely be in place until January 7 or until students are vaccinated, whichever comes first.
  • Provide a safe campus environment with COVID precautions: We will maintain high safety standards aligned with ongoing COVID requirements.
  • Bring back on-campus after-school care and enrichment programs with safety measures in place: These programs run until 5:00 pm (Preschool and Pre-K) and until 6:00 pm (K through 5) with a cost in addition to regular tuition.

We are asking everyone to recognize that it is hard to be precise about the fall. This is an evolving landscape, and things may need to look different than outlined here due to emerging COVID circumstances. We also acknowledge that, if admitted, we will be asking you to sign 2021-2022 enrollment agreements, so we want to be transparent about our objectives. PBS is doing a lot of planning so we can adapt to various circumstances as best we can. If you enroll, we will invite you to Scott Erickson’s evening Office Hours on March 30 and again in May so that you can hear substantive updates on the fall. 

School Calendar

This calendar for the first half of the year is consistent with the patterns we have served us well for a few years. PBS families use it when making family plans through the New Year. We expect to announce the January to June 2022 calendar sometime in the early summer. The reason we are waiting is that we want our calendar planning to be informed by updated COVID circumstances.