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Acceptable Face Coverings

Policy Scope:

Full community

Policy Owner:

Hannah Widgren, Health Coordinator

Last Updated:

Tuesday, October 13, at 12:00 p.m.

Allowed on campus

We strongly urge all students and employees to bring at least one spare face covering with them to campus each day.

Cloth face masks

Homemade face masks

Disposable face masks

Surgical masks

N95/P100 masks

KN95 masks

Face shields

Face shields are permitted on campus for families or employees desiring more protection than a cloth face covering, but they are not required and do not serve as a replacement for an acceptable face covering listed above. Face shields are exclusively an additional layer of protection.

Not permitted



Valved or vented masks

(These can be made acceptable if the valve or vent is properly deactivated or covered, or if there is an approved cloth mask over the valved or vented mask.)


Per the Comprehensive Campus Reopening Plan:

3(A): Face coverings are required for all adults on campus and all students, in accordance with CDPH guidelines, unless a person is exempt as explained below. These guidelines are listed in the Parent Manual and in the Faculty and Staff Handbook. Any non-exempt person attempting to enter campus without a face covering – or whose face covering is soiled or otherwise compromised during the day – will be provided a disposable alternative from the school’s supply. Any person who is not exempt from wearing a face covering, but nevertheless refuses to wear one, will not be permitted to enter campus.

3(G): Persons younger than two years old, anyone who has trouble breathing, anyone who is unconscious or incapacitated, and anyone who is otherwise unable to remove the face covering without assistance are exempt from wearing a face covering. They should contact the Health Coordinator to develop an individualized plan for how to proceed. 

3(G)(a): In general, because visitors to campus are strictly limited, the number of children under two on campus should be extremely small. We discourage families from bringing these young children to campus, even accompanying for drop-off or pick-up, for their own safety.