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Recommended External Resources

We are fortunate to have access to technology and a wealth of resources during this unprecedented crisis. Organizations and educators across the nation are sharing resources with a generous spirit, and we realize it may be hard to sift through them all. As we vet various options with an educator’s lens, we will compile and share those that we think will be helpful in support of PBS families. What is presented here is by no means a requirement. Rather, we strive to provide you with plenty to dig into should you and your child be looking for other materials outside of what is provided by our teachers.

General Advice

  1. How to Keep Kids Learning When They're Stuck at Home” via Common Sense Media
  2. – a free collection of the best online learning experiences for kids curated by the editors at Common Sense.


  1. Book Creator: Focus is more on literacy or reading skills than on creating a book. Includes features such as speech-to-text and 'read to me'
  2. Storyline Online: Noted authors reading to children
  3. Elementari: Online platform to read, write, code, share, and remix interactive stories using illustrations, animations and sound effects. Kids can write their own choose-your-own-adventure story! What They’re Offering: Schools affected by COVID-19/coronavirus can get free access until May 2020 or the school reopens.
  4. Mo Willems Lunch Doodle: Every weekday at 1pm starting on 3/16, Mo Willems is offering viewers a feel good check-in where he will talk and doodle.
  5. Scholastic: Daily planned activities for all age groups - best for parents to do with their kids. It can also be done independently. Each planned activity is structured with watching the story, reading the book, and doing the activity.

Read Aloud 

  1. Kidlit TV : (Ages 3-10)
  2. Brightly Online:
  3. Unite For Literacy: PreK, multiple languages
  4. Storyline: Suggested grade level is in the description


●      The Family Math Portal has a wealth of external resources.

●      And don’t forget to check out the Daily Math Challenge

Current Events

Resources to help students stay current with the coronavirus news.

  1. Just for Kids: A Comic Exploring the New Coronavirus (NPR)
  2. Introduction to the coronavirus and written updates: “How to Fight the New Bad Guy in Town,” a PSA for kids, on the StorySeeds podcast here. National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature by Jason Reynolds

Global Citizenship

  1. Choose a school from around the world that matches your class’s age group and size with pen pal finder. Connecting people with penpal friends learning English in another country.
  2. One Day in the Life hosted by iEARN: This project pairs students across the globe who share photographs of daily life and special events, accompanied by written overviews. The students then discuss the similarities and differences in their countries and cultures.
  3. Heifer: K-5, downloadable books to help students learn about what life is like in other cultures.
  4. Kids National Geographic: K-5, Brain Booster, Cool Stuff, Polls, Celebrations, and much more for your kids to explore the world.
  5. BrainPOP Educators: 3-5, BrainPOP developed this distance learning pack including easy-to-follow lesson plan ideas on topics relevant to your curriculum. Our goal is to make teaching and learning seamless and meaningful while your school is closed. Recognizing that not all students have access to online resources at home, each lesson includes pathways for both on- and offline learning to ensure equity. If your BrainPOP subscription doesn’t include the creative tools, you can use a combination of the online and offline resources.