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Extended Learning and Brain Breaks

As distance learning becomes more routine you may be looking for some additional resources to keep your child engaged  outside of the distance learning times as well as provide activities for down time. Make the most of your students’ time at home and have them explore new activities, refine skills and knowledge they already hold, and develop communication skills by keeping in touch with friends. Please use the resources and ideas below however they fit your family’s needs.

Check back frequently and this page will be constantly updated! If you would like any additional support or ideas regarding extended learning, please feel free to contact Tanner Taylor.

Brain Breaks and Recess Activities

  • Create a “Brain Break Jar” filled with quick activities you can pull out for a wiggle break (ex. 20 jumping jacks, 10 free throws, 3 laps around the house, collect 5 red items from the yard)
  • Design a nature sculpture and share a photo with your friends
  • Blog or journal daily for 5 minute to record your daily happenings 
  • Have a snack with friends over Zoom
  • Pick a favorite song. Choreograph a dance routine to it!
  • Go Noodle 
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga
  • Virtual Exercise for Kids from BayAreaParent

Down Time Activities