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The 2021 • 5th-grade Colonial Play

  • 5th-grade
  • Graduation

The 5th graders have been wearing many hats over the past few weeks; researchers, scriptwriters, actors, directors, costume designers, camera operators, prop providers, and runners. All of these roles, under the talented tuition of Maggie Cole and Naomi Kinsman, have ended in the production of a truly informative and entertaining production; 'The PBS Colonial Play 2021'. This annual event is the pinnacle of the 5th Grade Social Studies research on characters that truly impacted the stories told about the history of the United States, from colonization to the civil war. Each student has written their own script, memorized their lines and monologue, and performed, with classmates, a moment in history. 

Sit back and enjoy this journey through time and learn about some untold heroes, familiar characters, and stories that should be heard.

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