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Series on Diversity (4 of 4) • GATHER Talk by Jervis Williams P’20

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In the Monday, February 5, edition of the Gazette, Head of School Dr. Scott Erickson announced an upcoming four-part series of GATHER talks centered on the topic of diversity:

As we think about the families in our community, we see lots of diversity: Race, cultural background, ethnicity, languages spoken at home, family structure, political beliefs, gender, and more. PBS students are all special, unique, and different. We have the same core values in the midst of this awesome diversity. In our upcoming GATHER series, four speakers will reflect on how diversity enlivens our core values, teaches us new things, and makes us stronger community:
  • February 9: Stan Drake, PBS physical education teacher and coach
  • February 16: Maeve Knoth, PBS librarian
  • March 2: Guest speaker Amira Al-Sarraf, Head of New Horizon, an Islamic school in Pasadena, where I chaired the accreditation process last year
  • March 9: Jervis Williams P’20

On Friday, March 9, Jervis Williams P’20 closed out this four-part series with a talk that used music as a metaphor to explain the amazing value of diversity.


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