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Ethan L. is a current student.


Community Spotlight is a weekly video series, running mid-August through March, that features interviews with Phillips Brooks School parents, alumni, teachers, students, and trustees, who share their insights about and their experiences at PBS.


What is your favorite thing about coming to school every day?

I love how when I come to school, everyone's always smiling, everyone's always energetic, and everyone is ready to learn new things.

Is school fun?

I have a lot of fun, especially when we get to learn something and have fun at the same time, like, that kind of thing. Examples are when we learn math games, you learn new math concepts and those kind of things. But you also get to have fun and, like, play against your friend.

What are you excited about most this year?

I'm really excited about the fifth grade band. Everyone gets to participate and play an instrument in front of the whole school. I'm gonna play the baritone.

What’s something important that you’ve learned at PBS that wasn’t in a book?

Over the years, I've had at PBS, I've definitely learned that team work is really important, on basically everything you do. And also listening to other people's opinions when you're talking about something.

What’s been one of your favorite projects?

When we do projects, like where we, it's a partner project or a group project, we usually get to choose our resources. One of my favorite projects were, in fourth grade where we got to pick a non-fiction topic and basically make an iMovie skit or slideshow about that topic and we got to share in front of the class. I did UFO's and aliens.

How would you describe the teachers at PBS?

The teachers are really caring and kind and if you don't understand something, they help you get if you don't, understand. And if I had to rate them one through ten, I'd give them an 11.

How do your teachers challenge you?

The teacher's challenge me a lot by giving me things I'm not used to, maybe, or things that are a little over the level that we're supposed to do, like optional challenge homework. That's like a math homework we do, but it's, it's optional but it's a challenge, so it's a little harder than our usual level.

What’s something you would change about PBS?

I really want the summer breaks to be shorter, because school is really fun every day and it's really hard to just sit on the couch and think about what to do.

What’s something you hope never changes about PBS?

I hope the awesome, fun, and adventurous field trips never change about PBS.

What was the best field trip you’ve been on?

My favorite field trip so far has definitely been Coloma because it felt like I time-traveled back into the gold-rush, and I actually got to experience how the miners felt back in that time. I also got to spend some quality time with my friends.

What do prospective students need to know about PBS?

I wanna make sure they know that PBS, we're really, the teachers at PBS really help you understand something if you don't understand it, and a lot of people there are really open-minded, and also are comfortable with you telling them what your problems are and that kind of thing.

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