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Danielle is a current student.


Community Spotlight is a weekly video series, running mid-August through March, that features interviews with Phillips Brooks School parents, alumni, teachers, students, and trustees, who share their insights about and their experiences at PBS.


What do you love about PBS?

I love all the teachers, all the subjects that you can learn and I think we're really lucky to get to learn music, and art, and get to play instruments and stuff. It's just a great school.

What's your favorite subject?

I would say math, because there's like endless things to learn, and there's always something to improve on. And you can work on it with friends, and it can challenge you and people can challenge you with math and you can make problems. It's just really fun.

Can you tell us about a favorite project you've worked on?

In fourth grade, when we were studying American History, and why the missions were important, we did a missions project and you could either do a book about the missions, you could do an original story from a Native American's perspective, or you could draw a blueprint and design a 22nd mission if there was one, and how it can be improved.

So there's only 21 missions, right? So, if you could design, like if you could go back in time, and design a mission, like, how it could be better. and I did that one, and it was really fun.

What's an example of a time when you had fun and learned a lot at the same time?

One time, in Reader's Workshop, we were having like, so you have a partner and you'd read a book together, and it's really fun because you have to plan out what you're gonna read, and then you have to talk about the book, and it's really fun.

What is something you've learned from your classmates at PBS?

I learned the golden rule, because if you're kind to them, they'll be kind back. If you comfort them at some point, then when you're sad they'll comfort you. Or if you're not so nice to them, they might not talk to you for the rest of the day.

I would say that friendship is really important, because if you build a strong friendship like I have here, then you get to have a lot of fun, you kind of listen more because then you can just have fun and stuff, and you can work on stuff with your friends, and it's just really great to have great friendships.

How do your teachers support you?

They're really open to talk to. It's like really easy to talk to them, they're very understanding, they're kind, they care about every student, and they're just really great to be around.

What would you tell a student thinking about coming to PBS?

I would say that there's plenty of things to learn, you have amazing teachers that help you learn and they help feel open, they help you get friends, and all the students are great too. They're really nice to you, and the teachers can help you talk things out if there's a problem or something.

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