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Party for PBS

What is Party for PBS?

Party for PBS events are PBS community parties, and it works like this:
1. PBS families (you!) host parties for parents/guardians or for students. Some are organized by grade, others for subsets of grades, or even the whole community! The host or co-hosts cover the party costs.
2. PBS parents/guardians buy tickets, either for themselves or for their students, and most importantly…

Why Party for PBS?

100% of proceeds from ticket sales support our need-based Financial Aid program, which ensures access to PBS education for as many families as possible. The importance of our Financial Aid program stems from the belief that the presence of multiple perspectives on our campus and in our classrooms enriches the educational experience of all our learners. When you host or attend a Party for PBS event it’s a win-win for everyone!

The lineup of events runs throughout the year and reflects the diversity of our community, with activities ranging from movie nights to backyard gatherings to exclusive wine tastings.

Historically, Party for PBS has included child Back to School and End of Year parities. Moving forward, these two special occasions for students will be hosted by PBSA to uphold our commitment to equity and inclusion, ensuring that every student can attend without an associated cost. There still remains the opportunity to host child parties throughout the school year such as cooking, bowling, or dance parties. We look forward to the continued creativity in curating child parties as we know how much our students love them!

For any party assistance, please contact Amanda Tachis.


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