2021-2022 Impact Report


I would be remiss to simply offer gratitude for the extraordinary gifts of this community last year without acknowledging what an unexpected, unprecedented time the past two years has been. When COVID struck in 2020, little did we know that we would spend the next 27 months working with such incredible agility, creativity, patience and perseverance to deliver our PBS-quality educational experience. And as proud as I am of our faculty and staff for their tireless efforts, I am equally proud of you - our community of extraordinary parents and friends of PBS. To say you have been generous is an understatement. When we opened our COVID Fund to help meet unexpected costs that arose as quickly as we could tamp them down, you delivered. When we asked for gifts to our Annual Fund to continue to provide PBS learning with alacrity, you provided. When we asked you to come together (in-person for the first time in two years) to celebrate the kaleidoscope colors of our campus and to provide as many bay area families access to PBS as possible, you showed up bringing high spirits and generosity. Last year, your commitment to our community shone brighter than ever before, evidenced by exceeding our financial goal: $2,171,057 in 2022 Annual Giving. For your philanthropy, we offer the deepest of appreciation. We hope you will celebrate our 2022 Annual Giving success in this year’s Impact Report, and together with us, look forward to the year ahead.

Olana Khan
Associate Head of School

The Annual Fund allowed PBS to…

  • Attract and retain the best faculty

  • Develop the academic, artist and athlete in every student

  • Incorporate innovative technologies in the classroom

  • Pursue exciting learning opportunities with agility

  • Remain flexible and prepared to meet the unexpected


was set up in 2020, and gathered funds through 2022, to meet unexpected costs in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic. The school invested heavily to meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff - to continue to deliver a PBS-quality education throughout the global pandemic.

The Spring Benefit…

channeled our generous culture of giving and getting together into investment in a specific strategic priority: 100% of the funds raised through the Spring Benefit went directly toward our school's need-based Financial Aid program.

Volunteering at PBS builds and maintains community bonds


supported the school’s operations while allowing faculty to focus on what they do best - educating our kids. The PBSA provided an opportunity for parents to participate in the life of the school, develop warm relationships within the school community and provide volunteer and financial support. We are all stronger when we come together through friendship and service to the PBSA.