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The Annual Fund

Supporting Today’s PBS

Today’s giving benefits every student, every day.

The Annual Fund, our most critical fundraising initiative, ensures that we are able to provide an exceptional experience to every lifelong learner at PBS. School-wide participation in this effort is a testament to our core value of "Community" and demonstrates our collective commitment to support our students, our faculty and staff, and each other.


Please watch this video of Co-chairs Miriam Breeding, Alex Albert, and Head of School Scott Erickson as they speak about the importance of your participation in this year's Annual Fund!

Annual Fund FAQs

The Annual Fund supports nearly every aspect of the PBS experience, providing immediate resources that enable us to:

  • Attract and retain the best faculty
  • Develop the academic, artist, and creator in every student
  • Incorporate innovative technologies in the classroom
  • Pursue exciting learning opportunities with agility
  • Remain flexible and prepared to meet the unexpected
  • In line with the traditional independent school model, tuition revenue does not cover the full cost of a PBS education. Rather than raise tuition across the board, we look to the generosity of our school community to help close the gap.

Gift allocation and Giving Levels

Contributions to the Annual Fund are allocated to the following philanthropic priorities:

  • Unrestricted
  • Academic Programs
  • Faculty Support and Professional Development
  • Arts and Music
  • Athletic Programs
  • Facilities and Campus Improvements
  • Financial Aid
Head's Circle $100,000+ Visionary
$50,000-$99,999 Trailblazer
$25,000–$49,999 Innovator
$15,000–$24,999 Champion
$10,000–14,999 Ambassador
  $7,500–$9,999 Scholar
$5,000–$7,499 Partner
$1–$4,999 1978 Founders

PBS’s Head’s Circle includes Annual Fund donors who contribute $10,000 or more within the fiscal year. These donors are invited to our Head’s Circle Reception so the school can update and thank them for your leadership support to the school.

Goals for 2023–2024

  • 100% participation from families. We hope that the Annual Fund can be a gift from the entire PBS community to our students. We ask that each current family consider a donation that is meaningful to them and that places PBS among their top philanthropic priorities for the year.
  • Raise $1.2 million. Each year we strive to raise over $1 million dollars during our Annual Fund. It supports PBS in recruiting and maintaining our incredible faculty and staff, pays for supplies, and is a vital resource for our school.
  • Secure gift commitments by early Fall. The money we raise this year is spent this year, please make your gift or pledge early.

Successfully achieving these goals will provide the necessary resources to ensure that this school year is filled with learning, growing, and playing for each and every one.

We are so grateful to all those who have made PBS a top philanthropic priority with a gift to this year's Annual Fund. Please consider joining this generous group as we strive for 100% participation.


We are 85% to our goal and would also like to thank our parent community for reaching 92% participation! 💙

  • Chuck Adams
  • Keriann Armusewicz
  • Ashtyn Avella
  • Lisa Boulger
  • Lisa Busby and Hovey Clark
  • Brittany Masters and Armando Cerrillo
  • Sarah Copeland
  • Michelle and Thomas Donahoe
  • Adriana and Ryan Erickson
  • Scott and Ryan Erickson
  • Cristina Floriani and Trent Collins
  • Melissa Guertin
  • Jackie and James Haas
  • Lily Hui
  • Scott Hunt
  • Melanie and Dave Jackson
  • Olana and Zain Khan
  • Maeve Knoth
  • Karen and Wendy Kridel
  • Phoebe Mauricio
  • Anna and Andy McKeon
  • Kathleen and Kim Normington
  • Amy Schroeder and Zac Oldenburg
  • Vanessa and Robert Ortega
  • Ariel Petersen
  • Kelsey Plough
  • Sara and Aaron Poplack
  • Taylor Stevens
  • Amanda Tachis
  • Amy and Darren Torre
  • Rachel and Eric Tridas
  • Fiona and Tim Watson
  • Hannah Widgren
  • Asawari RaoRane Agrawal and Ashu Agrawal
  • Julia and Wiley Anderson
  • Puja Batra and Rohan Nageswaran
  • Jenny and Matt Brokaw
  • Annette and David Chan
  • Rachel Skiffer and Marvin Coote
  • Cindy and Rob Dodd
  • Tamara and Derek Dunn
  • Meeta and Dayal Gaitonde
  • Brooke and Christian Heim
  • Stephie and Ward Johnson
  • Marie and Ayan Kayal
  • Hana and Alex Kvamme
  • Chris and Jason Mironov
  • Maya Dani and Dunigan O'Keeffe
  • Charlotte Zanders Waxman and Alan Waxman
  • Michele Ono and George Choi
  • Kerry O'Rourke Bischof and George Bischof
  • Beth and Bob Passi
  • Carrie and Greg Penner
  • Diane Rosenberg
  • Hema Sareen Mohan and Neal Mohan
  • Karishma Anand and Amit Kumar
  • Evelyn and Paul Cant
  • Lulu Gao and Alfred Chen
  • Alice Chen and Jason Tsai
  • Japneet and Ross Giglio
  • Sophie Tseng and Darren Hsieh
  • Carolyn and Tiana Kraus-Koziol
  • Jen and Jon Lai
  • Grace Lee and Fahd Yunus
  • Alyssa and Nick Leppla
  • Kate Luenprakansit and Kevin Chow
  • Rachel and Jeffrey Nagashima
  • Laurie and Dominic Phillips
  • Katie Quinn and Adam Bry
  • Hema Veeraragavathatham and Madhavan Ramanujam
  • Guggy Gill and Gary Sangha
  • Marisol Azurdia and Ricardo Sherwell Hadad
  • Larin and Kaloma Smith
  • Robynn and Michael Steffen
  • Vivien and Victor Tong
  • Cathy Zhou and Dan Tsai
  • Alissa and Scott Wagoner
  • Jingduo Huang and Wei Wu
  • Hope Huo and Ning Xu
  • Jessie and Ying Xu
  • Jing Wang and Jinming You
  • Emily Ach and Jacob Schott
  • Alexandra Goodyear and Alex Albert
  • Samira Khan and Faraz Ali
  • Jasmeen and Banmeet Anand
  • Kelly and Rob Arditi
  • Jackie and Agustin Arreaga
  • Sharon Sha and Brian Ash
  • Laurel and Robbie Banks
  • Lara and Robby Banks
  • Rasika Mathur and Sharad Bhargava
  • Sabrina and Andrew Bowers
  • Mariam and Jason Breeding
  • Cat and Gully Burns
  • Pati and Alex Carobus
  • Emily and O'Brien Chalmers
  • Ashley and John Chambers
  • Lorianne and Nick Chammas
  • Hayley and Leo Chan
  • Priyanka Goel and Chaitanya Chandrasekharan
  • Wanying Li and Wei Chen
  • Jenny Cho and Ernest Lam
  • Yoohee and Joonwon Choe
  • Jenny Dinsmore and Casey Clegg
  • Celeste Malia and Tony Craun
  • Jenifer Culver
  • Sangeeta Das and Anand Veeravagu
  • Esha Bandyopadhyay and Rajesh Dash
  • Rachna and Vic Dharna
  • Gillian Fell and Bryan Doherty
  • Lenia Dritsoula and Petros Venetis
  • Robin and Basil Enan
  • Sarahi Espinoza Salamanca and Adrian Espinoza
  • Malinda Lee and Brady Evans
  • Kathleen and Stephen Forte
  • Melissa and Rob Francis
  • Michelle and Brandon Freiman
  • Nadia and Max Gazor
  • Renata Aryanti and Igor Geller
  • Yannie and Felix Gernburd
  • Ellen Davis and Aaron Hayes-Roth
  • Katharine and Ryan Hillerson
  • Meng Yang and Lloyd Ho
  • Mandy and Seth Hollander
  • Annie Lin and Renny Hwang
  • Annie Kaiser and Aaron Jahnke
  • Ana and Nick Janof
  • Sherry Xie and Bryan Jin
  • Yinghua Lu and Michael Jones
  • Juliette Lee and Daniel Kanada
  • Kat Dykeman and Ron Karpovich
  • Kelsey and Jack Kennedy
  • Kate Surman and Mike Kiedel
  • Lindsay and Sam Kitamura
  • Beatriz Mendoza and Fernando Kovar
  • Jenn and Mike Kramer
  • Puja Singh and Dharmendra Kumar
  • Eva and Tarun Kumar
  • Annie Kwon and Justin Tsai
  • Francesca and Ryan Lanpher
  • Kellie Beakey and Glenn Leach
  • Jaci and Demian Lee
  • Wendy Hara and Gordon Li
  • Mary Sheu and Mike Lim
  • Katy Lin and John Kim
  • Kirsten and Max Lin
  • Victoria and Edmund Louie
  • Jessie Gao and Roger Luo
  • Laleh Gharahbaghian and Ahsan Malik
  • Deepti and Krishna Marella
  • Laurel and Ariel Marks
  • Meenakshi Balagopal and Shibu Mathew
  • Leila and Vineet Mehra
  • Ashley Caldwell and Sean Mendy
  • Dafina Toncheva and Todd Meyerrose
  • Ghazaleh and Shawn Modarresi
  • Mina Yazdi and Morteza Nassiri
  • Genevieve Ng and Gavin Sherry
  • Mary and Mark O'Carroll
  • Drea and Cory O'Connor
  • Chelsea Sun and Michael Pao
  • Megha Saini and Vasu Pasupuleti
  • Mayuri and Kunaal Patel
  • Vaishnavi Kareddy and Vasusen Patil
  • Ming Mao and Yefei Peng
  • Preeti Chiluvuri and Arun Penmetsa
  • Mary Elisabeth Plowden and George Poultsides
  • Jenny and Luke Proskine
  • Diljot Kaur and Vishesh Puvadi
  • Min Qi and Fei Xie
  • Shaina and Danny Quinn
  • Vidhya Thyagarajan and Vivek Raghunathan
  • Meera Nambiar and Krish Ravikumar
  • Archana and Adrian Ridner
  • Amy Lit and Andy Rittenberg
  • Parinaz Mohamadi and Mostafa Ronaghi
  • Susan and Cullen Rose
  • Alaka Rao and Vijit Sabnis
  • Jessica and Bobby Samuel
  • Tracy and Ali Satvat
  • Morgan Worth and Craig Schmitz
  • Beatriz and Leonardo Schneiderman
  • Anna and Jared Schreff
  • Evelyn and David Semenza
  • Amee and Raj Shah
  • Anu Shekhar and Dan Gross
  • Sharon and Christopher Shen
  • Chloe Du and Darren Shen
  • Angela Sibley and Brad Shong
  • Prarthna Advani and Puneet Singh
  • Taruna and Shant Sood
  • Patricia and Chris Sun
  • Jenny Ding and Ryan Tai
  • Sandy and Sunjiv Tandon
  • Emily Lopez and Andy Tang
  • An Tran and Toby Brown
  • Cindy and Harrison Turner
  • Jazmin Valdiosera
  • Neha and Parag Vedawala
  • Henry Ward
  • Tyler Webster and Matthew McNenly
  • Stacia and Kevin Wells
  • Jessica and Derek Yecies
  • Laura and PR Yu
  • Rachael and David Zats
  • Jiena Li and Qi Zhong
  • Cooper Ketsdever
  • Alex Leblang
  • Susie and Riley Bechtel
  • Samantha and Brian Dinsmore
  • Gail and Fred Kittler
  • Anna and Mathai Mammen
  • Maria and Don Tachis
  • Joan and Nick Boodrookas
  • …along with the many donors who prefer to give anonymously


With the help of our generous community, the following organizations have committed to our Annual Fund goal for the school year.

  • Adobe Inc.
  • Apple, Inc.
  • Applied Materials, Inc.
  • Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
  • Cloudera, Inc.
  • Coursera
  • Gilead Sciences, Inc.
  • Glynn Capital Management
  • Google, Inc.
  • Intel Corp.
  • KKR & Co. Inc.
  • Lawrence Livermore Labs
  • Lightspeed Venture Partners
  • Makena Capital Management
  • Mattson Technology
  • Microsoft Corp.
  • Salesforce
  • Samsara Networks Inc.
  • Silver Lake
  • Wells Fargo
  • Yahoo

Visit our Ways to Give page to see if your organization offers a matching gifts program.