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Terms and Conditions

By submitting a registration form for Summer at Phillips Brooks School, you agree to the following terms and conditions on behalf of yourself (the “Parent”) and the student named in the registration form (the “Student”), regarding enrollment in Summer at Phillips Brooks School 2021 (“Summer”). This agreement is made between the Parent/Student and Phillips Brooks School (the “School”). The person(s) bound by the fee payment obligations of this Agreement also shall include any non-parent or non-guardian responsible for payment of some or all of Student’s fees.

Balance of Fees

A deposit of 30% of the total cost of attendance must be paid to the School upon registration. Full payment of the remaining 70% of the total cost of attendance must be submitted in full by May 7th 2021.  For registrations after the May deadline, payment is due in full by the earlier of (a) the 15th calendar day after registration or (b) the workday prior to the Student’s first day of attendance. 

Balance payments received before the deadline are refundable up to the deadline if the School is notified in writing or by email that the Student will not attend the Summer program. 

Failure to pay by the deadline will result in cancellation of the Student’s registration; the Student’s spot in any selected classes will be vacated and made available to other families. In the event that space remains in the Summer program, the Student’s registration may be reinstated by payment in full of the fees due, plus a 10% late-payment fee.

Student may not attend any part of the Summer program until all fees are paid in full.

Cancelation of Classes

The School reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel a class for health, under-enrollment or other business considerations until May 1, 2021. Other extreme circumstances may provide cause to cancel a class after that deadline, as well, and the School reserves the right to do so. In either case, the School agrees to notify the Parent of cancelation in a timely manner and to return all fees to the Parent promptly thereafter, unless the Parent chooses to enroll the Student in a different class in lieu of receiving a refund. 

School Rules, Dismissal, and Other Considerations

Parent acknowledges that, by entering this Agreement, Parent and Student agree to accept and abide by the School’s mission, philosophy, rules, regulations, policies, and standards expressed in or implied by School handbooks and other writings. School, at the discretion of the Head of School or a designated administrator (the “Head”), reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student if the student, family, or designates for the family do not act in accordance with the School’s mission, philosophy, rules, regulations, policies, and/or standards expressed in or implied by School’s handbooks and other writings; or in accordance with the sentiments and standards of an independent school; or in a manner that impairs a positive and constructive relationship with School or interferes with School’s accomplishment of its educational purpose, as determined by the Head.

For purposes of this Agreement, “designates” include relatives, employees, friends, or other non-guardians or non-parents of Student’s family who interact with School on occasion.

School, in the Head’s sole discretion, reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student whose performance, conduct, or attendance is found unsatisfactory. School reserves the right to terminate Student’s enrollment or to decline continued enrollment at any time for any reason not prohibited by law if, in the Head’s sole discretion, Student and/or Parent is uncooperative, unreasonable, or unsupportive of School, its administration, and/or its staff. If School terminates Student’s enrollment for any of the above reasons, School may retain all fees already paid. The decision of School in making this determination will be final.

By entering into this Agreement, Parent understands that School cannot guarantee the academic success or the successful social development of Student. Parent understands that School is not responsible for learning and social diagnostic services and evaluation. Admission for the Summer Program shall be conditioned upon (a) Student’s satisfactory completion of the current school year as determined by School in the Head’s sole discretion; (b) School’s receipt of any legally required immunization documentation; and (c) Parent’s payment of any past arrearage.

Consent Regarding Image Use

The Parent gives the School permission to use, reproduce, and publish photographs, video, audio, and other images of Student, both during and after Student attends the Summer program and into perpetuity. These photographs, video, audio, and other images of actively enrolled students are designed for use without student identification and may be used in School’s website, newsletters, brochures, media releases, promotional materials, publications, or in any other manner as determined in the sole discretion of School. If the Parent wishes to withdraw the consent in this paragraph of the Agreement, the Parent must submit a written notification of withdrawal of consent to the Head.

Execution and Electronic Signature

This document and the registration form submitted by the Parent represents the entire Agreement regarding Student’s enrollment and may not be modified unless the parties expressly modify this Agreement in a writing signed by all parties to this Agreement. 

IN SIGNING THIS AGREEMENT, the Parent agrees to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and undertakes full and legal financial responsibility for paying student’s fees.

All signatories below voluntarily consent to signing this Agreement and conducting this transaction electronically, pursuant to California Civil Code Section 1633.1, et seq., unless a signatory expressly opts out of electronic signing by signing a paper copy of the registration form and returning the signed paper copy to the School’s Business Office. Parent may request a paper registration form from the School.

COVID-19 PCR testing schedule for on-campus program
Week of: Return from risky domestic travel Return from international travel Recommended COVID-19 testing window
June 14 June 6 June 1 June 8–10
June 21 June 13 June 8 June 15–17
June 28 June 20 June 15 June 22–24
July 12 July 4 June 29 July 6–8
July 19 July 11 July 6 July 13–15
July 26 July 18 July 13 July 20–22
Aug 2 July 25 July 20 July 27–29