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Academic Readiness programs for PBS Students

We will offer two Academic Readiness programs exclusively for PBS and future PBS students: one week of ELC Kickstart for students entering Preschool and Pre-K and one week of Kindergarten Kickstart for students entering Kindergarten.

These session offerings take place on Week 7 of Summer@PBS: July 29 - Aug 2


Kindergarten Kickstart - AM Only (K)

by PBS Teachers

Cost: $560

This week of fun is especially tailored to incoming PBS Kindergarten students. During their time together, our young campers can reconnect with friends, make new friends, and get to know the PBS campus. They will dance and sing to music, listen to stories and poems, work on projects, play a wide variety of outdoor games, use their imaginations for lots of creative and imaginative play, and make artistic creations of all kinds.

Note: This camp runs from 8:00-11:45 am


ELC Kickstart - AM Only (ELC)

by PBS ELC Team

Cost: $560

The ELC experience can start a little sooner than the beginning of the school year this summer. This is modeled after the Kindergarten Kickstart that has become a staple for our students rising to Kindergarten every summer, with the goal of giving students a preview of their next school year.

This week of class will be a chance for students, new and old, to preview the ELC space and get those school muscles working a couple weeks before we start the year. A session of indoor and outdoor exploration, a provided snack, opening & closing meetings will be all part of this abbreviated day.

Meet new friends and teachers, see ones of old, explore sensory, writing and drawing provocations, get an early grip on the monkey bars, start building rivers in the sandbox, conquer the slack line, we want your students to get in the headspace of coming back to school is going to be fun!

Note: This camp runs from 8:00-11:45 am


YouCubed Math Explorations - PM Only (K)

by Ms. Nina (PBS Faculty)

Cost: $280

Led by our own PBS faculty members specially trained to lead YouCubed summer camp curriculum, campers will develop their mathematical mindsets. Campers will stretch their minds with challenging open-ended math questions, develop algebraic problem solving skills, mathematical visualization strategies and make connections to real world ideas. Mistakes and struggles are encouraged as we work toward a growth math mindset!

Note: This camp runs from the end of Kindergarten Kickstart (11:45) - 3:00 pm.