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Middle School Matriculation

Quick Matriculation Facts


Over the past three years (2015–2017), 73% of PBS students were admitted to their “first choice” school.


In the last three years, 90% of PBS students enrolled at one of their top-three choice schools.


100% of PBS 5th-graders leave prepared to be outstanding members of their new communities.

When their time at Phillips Brooks School nears its end and middle school beckons, PBS students receive plenty of mentorship and guidance to help them navigate the competitive and complicated world of middle-school admission. Teachers and administrators work hard to prepare students for their shadow days, interviews, and application essays; to ensure that they are matched to schools that best suit their academic and extracurricular interests, their learning styles, and their personalities; and to advocate for them with the schools they’ve applied to.

Some of the ways we support students and families in this process are…

  • A dedicated middle-school consultant, former Associate Head of School Lisa Busby, oversees the matriculation process from start to finish, sharing with our families her years of experience on both sides of this process.
  • Individual admin–parent meetings are scheduled in the spring of 4th grade to customize support.
  • Parents are subscribed to a specialized PBS blog to escort them as a group through each step of the process.
  • Students are thoroughly prepared for shadow visits with practice interviews.
  • Administrators maintain an open dialog throughout admission season with middle school admission offices and advocate vociferously for PBS students.
  • Classroom time is devoted to personal narrative essays to help students gain confidence and comfort in writing application essays.
  • Throughout the process – from school selection and applications, to standardized testing, to final enrollment – parents and students are engaged in ongoing, personalized support.

As we send our 5th-graders on to their next adventures, our deep understanding of who they are as a learner and as a member of our community helps us find the perfect place to continue their growth.

The PBS program overall is designed to prepare students for challenging middle school learning environments; admission results bear out the excellence of our program and the high desirability of PBS students among schools throughout the region. So do standardized test scores and, most important, the successful educational and life experiences of PBS alumni.