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After-school Enrichment

After classes end and the carpool lines have come and gone, many of our students remain on campus for after-school care and for our After-school Enrichment classes..

These classes are taught by our faculty and staff; PBS parents; and content area experts who specialize in providing enrichment content to students from preschool through 5th grade. The specific offerings vary by trimester; classes run in the fall, winter, and spring. Classes run once per week for an hour..

These after-school experiences complement and extend the PBS curriculum and offer students the chance to learn how to prepare a delicious meal, exercise and train their bodies through yoga or taekwondo, try a new sport or instrument, gain a skill like carpentry or coding, put on a theater performance, or explore an academic topic like engineering and science in an engaging and hands-on way.

Below are a few sample course descriptions from the Winter 2020 trimester:

Build Cool Stuff!

Taught by a PBS parent and alum, this class aims to show kids the process of going from an idea to a final product and to inspire them to create their own amazing creations in the future…or to just have a good time building stuff. This session, students will focus on one or two projects that will span over multiple class meetings. Projects may include robots, water balloon launchers, and race cars. Plenty of time will be included for free play with open-ended products and materials.

Cuisines Around the World

Do you enjoy eating a variety of different cuisines? Are you looking for easy and fun recipes that you’ll want to cook and re-create at home? Well, here is your opportunity to learn, cook, and enjoy sampling sweet and savory recipes from around the world during this after-school culinary adventure! Students will learn grocery-shopping tips, how to store food, menu planning, prepping, trying out new recipes and ingredients, understanding their culinary interests and senses, cutting to mincing, baking, plating and serving techniques, knife skills, food safety, and cleaning up. These cooking classes designed for kids are the perfect blend of learning professional cooking and baking techniques. All ingredients and recipes will be provided. These are interactive cooking classes, so there will always be ample time for learning, questions, and answers.

Fine Art Fundamentals

Our Fine Art Fundamentals program is a developmental program, allowing participants to build on what they learn from session to session. Students enjoy the challenges and joys of creating original works of art while developing observation and problem-solving skills. Each session of kids’ art is devoted to a particular medium.

Playing with math!

Led by Phillips Brooks School's Math Enrichment Coordinator, students learn how to have fun playing with math! Each week youth mathematicians stretch their thinking, deepen their problem solving skills and uncover math in a variety of engaging puzzles, mathematically rigged games, and unsolved problems. Students have the opportunity to explore a variety of challenges both collaboratively and independently. Taking on tasks designed to have multiple entry points, students are engaged at various levels of difficulty. As a culminating project, students apply what they learn by publishing their own collection of challenging math puzzles and games.

Kid's carpentry

After first building a sanding block and supertop, kids may choose from a wide variety of fun projects, including boats, clocks, games, trucks, doll furniture, and many more. While building their projects from scratch, children are introduced to concepts of applied math, problem-solving, fine motor skills, patience, and craftsmanship, and they are empowered to become independent thinkers. Our motto: Building confidence and teaching with respect and humor in a safe and happy environment.