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The PBS Strategic Plan 2022-2027

Living Our Core Values and Stretching for Continuous Improvement


The PBS mission and core values have stood the test of time for over four decades. Community members regularly refer to them as the foundation for everything we do. We also have a high regard for the quality of the PBS educational experience. We want to inspire learning that actively encourages our students to live our core values every day.

The PBS Strategic Plan 2022-2027 is rooted in our core job of educating students. It is the result of a rigorous discussion process that included data, research, and multiple perspectives from 47 volunteers. We learned important things about our school through this process. Our program is designed to challenge every student to achieve their academic potential and develop their emotional intelligence. Additionally, our school is highly valued for inspiring lifelong learners and a strong, engaged community.

The Strategic Plan is also grounded in our conviction that a great school like PBS always desires to be even better with actionable, achievable initiatives. We look forward to investing further in PBS for our current and future students. Thank you for your support!

PBS’s Actionable and Achievable Initiatives

The Strategic Plan has eight initiatives. Success will be defined by how well we act on achieving these initiatives. With that in mind, we designed an Implementation Dashboard to ensure we remain focused on and accountable to the successful implementation of each initiative. This dashboard:

  • Keeps us grounded in the big picture of Strategic Plan
  • Articulates annual actions necessary to be be successful with each initiative in the Plan
  • Identifies a team to drive the work and be responsible for each initiative 
  • Allows us to track progress with opportunities to fine-tune and adapt based on real-time challenges
  • Defines what success looks like in 2027 with quantitative and qualitative measurements
  • Clarifies the impact of the Strategic Plan with differentiators that position PBS well in a changing market

We want to be transparent with the PBS community on how we are acting to achieve success with the Strategic Plan 2022-2027. Please note that we will be refining our actions and success measures in real-time based on realities on the ground, new information, and timing issues out of our control. The table below draws information from the Implementation Dashboard and will be updated, changed, and revised as needed:


Actions in Year 1: 2022-2023

What Success Looks Like in 2027

Champion faculty and staff with RETENTION AND INCENTIVE PAY STRATEGIES

Implemented first stage of updated faculty-staff compensation plan by optimizing straightforward pay incentives and workplace culture improvements based on employee input and successful fundraising

Strong employer-employee appreciation, commitment, and loyalty measured by faculty-staff compensation, Net Promoter Score, retention, survey results, and successful new tenure vesting and promotion pay incentives

Energize student learning with CURRICULUM INNOVATIONS AND UPDATES

Updated learning outcomes ELC-5th for 2023-2024 classroom implementation in addition to a plan for parent education and outreach on this initiative

Visible Roadmap for Academics that includes both an effective core and ability to integrate ongoing innovations measured by benchmarking metrics, student performance data, surveys, middle school placement, middle school surveys, and brand recognition

Optimize values-based learning by INTEGRATING SOCIAL JUSTICE STANDARDS

Curricular review with recommendation for adding social justice standards by leveraging consultant, internal expertise, field scans, and research; communicate possible changes through a parent education plan

DEIJ recognized by all PBS constituents as an educational imperative measured by identifying, adopting, and effectively integrating visible social justice standards into the curriculum

Support students, faculty, and academics by EXPANDING CLASSROOM SPACES

Architectural drawings for space expansion ready to submit to the City for the entitlement process; completed PR strategy that sets clear expectations for constituents and lays the groundwork for a successful approval process

Adaptable learning spaces for current and future program needs measured by additional square footage and a campus plan that supports intentional and ongoing program and school growth

Foster inclusion and belonging through NEW DEIJ PROGRAMS

Implemented new DEIJ initiatives by optimizing internal resources based on data, program needs, field scans, anticipated future plans, new DEIJ mission statement, and identifying funding sources

DEIJ recognized among all constituents as the lifeblood of the community measured by successful new initiatives, survey result on belonging by all constituents, family recruitment and retention, and faculty-staff diversity

Improve access to a PBS education through DYNAMIC TUITION STRATEGIES

Identified short-term opportunities for quick implementation to support families already at PBS and a report on options for dynamic tuition strategies and comprehensive support services based on research, audit of best practices, financial needs, field scan, and identifying funding sources

Socioeconomic diversity being visible, intentional, and recognized across the community measured by increased applications, increased socio-economic enrollment, available dollars for new support services, and survey results

Enable school-wide gatherings and increase community-building by EXPANDING THE MPR

Architectural drawings for space expansion ready to submit to the City for the entitlement process; completed PR strategy that sets clear expectations for constituents and lays the groundwork for a successful approval process

High-quality community programs and joyful community engagement measured by larger and adaptable new gathering space and a draft plan in place for campus development that supports community needs and intentional program growth

Inspire the COMMUNITY’S INVESTMENT in achieving our initiatives

Successfully launched the strategic plan with motivational materials for a new fundraising program, outreach meetings with donors, and cultivating leaders for the giving program

Philanthropy as joyful and best-in-class for elementary schools measured by fully funding the strategic plan, strong leadership participation, and confirmed major gifts

Eight Initiatives in the PBS Strategic Plan: Full Version

  • Champion faculty and staff as our most essential asset by transforming compensation and incentive plans to invest in and retain talented educators who are critical to student development, curriculum outcomes, and positive workplace culture
  • Innovate the curriculum so that students reach their full potential by articulating clear learning outcomes, designing an updated curriculum map, addressing gaps through ongoing program review, and supporting faculty to execute consistent program delivery and effective differentiated instruction
  • Integrate research-based Social Justice Standards to create a deeper focus on DEIJ as core to student learning, necessary for their achievement, and essential to living our PBS mission and values
  • Expand and enhance indoor classrooms and outdoor spaces with engaging, welcoming, and intentional areas to effectively support current and future programs, ELC classroom needs, student play-based and exploratory learning, faculty collaboration, and administrative spaces
  • Advance justice and equity by adding resources and appointing a full-time leader that will integrate bold DEIJ commitments into the fabric of our community, particularly parent education and outreach, curriculum development, recruitment and retention of diverse faculty and families, and affinity groups
  • Reimagine tuition and comprehensive support services to expand access to a PBS education and prioritize inclusion and retention of these families as essential to the core of our community
  • Transform and expand the MPR footprint into a welcoming and inclusive space for all-school gatherings, presentation of student work, student performances, and building community bonds
  • Inform and enable success for PBS’s initiatives with a major gifts program that inspires donors to support our strategic plan with motivational giving opportunities that have a direct impact on students

These eight institutional commitments will require focused investments of time and resources in staff, budgeting, and fundraising. In addition, we will incorporate implementation steps and operational priorities into annual board and administrative goals.

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