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Week #1 classroom blog round-up

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The Gazette is Phillips Brooks School’s weekly parent newsletter. Each week, the lead article from the Gazette is cross-posted here on the PBS Blog.

In this classroom blog round-up, we’re taking a peek into what our teachers have shared after an eventful first week of school! Here are some of our favorite excerpts:


“Day #4: Group Play” — Preschool students have been getting to know each other as well as the routines. Some students built with the train tracks, others built a train with pillows. Another group of students had a large feast with Mr. Mars in the kitchen. We are learning to share toys, take turns and use common language such as, “May have a turn?” and “You can have a turn when I am done.”


East, “Mail!” — The children were so excited to find notes from all of you in their mailboxes this morning! Several of them eagerly showed their friends the mail they had received while others proudly carried their notes around for parts of the day. Throughout the year, we encourage you to leave littles notes in your child's mailbox. The mailboxes provide a meaningful way to explore literacy as the children are eager to both decipher the notes they receive and create notes to “mail” to their friends and family.


West, “Day #3” – Today your children drew and wrote about their favorite food, after which we celebrated everyone’s amazing work! They also did a fun number activity on their white boards, were introduced to the lower blacktop (a recess option) and found out where they line up during a fire drill! Plus, they had their first Spanish and PE classes!

1st Grade

West, “Our First Day of First Grade” — Today could not have gone any be􏰀tter. Your children have absolutely enchanted us. They are ready to take on 1st grade, and it is clear that it is going to be a memorable and successful year. Ask your young student about toasting with “Jitter Juice” to chase all the butterfly flutters away, our meeting with Dr. Erickson, and the hunt for the Gingerbread Boy, who was lost in the school. It doesn’t get any better than this!

2nd Grade

East, “First Week” — On the first day of school, we read Chrysanthemum and were inspired to graph the letters in our own names. Students made observations such as: “The number of students with 6 letters in their name is less than the number of students with 4 letters in their name.” Feel free to follow up on this activity by asking: Who has the most letters in their name? What is the most common number of letters in our names? Where did you plot yourself on the classroom name graph?

3rd Grade

East, “Our First Week in Third Grade!” — Our first CONNECT rotation is a partnership with the science team. We will study a variety of concepts through the lens of gardening, which many kids are excited about and seem to already have some great knowledge around. Our objectives in this study are to

  • Develop an understanding of California agriculture and the regions and conditions in which plants thrive
  • Serve the PBS community by cleaning up and replanting the Science garden, and the beds outside of the third grade classroom
  • Collaborate with classmates to grow in unity as a new class grouping

4th Grade

Both, “First Week in our Fourth Grade World” — As we shared with you at Back To School Night, our 4th-graders have chosen these 5 words to represent how they want to feel in our classroom this, appreciated, noticed, included and respected. Through various stories and experiences, we asked our 4th-graders to identify themes and share their ideas to answer these questions:

  • How do we want to feel in our classroom?
  • What can we do to have these feelings every day and make our classroom a positive place for learning?
  • How will we handle uncomfortable feelings and conflicts?

5th Grade

East, “September 1st” — “To say the name is to begin the story,” according to Swampy Cree Indians. We began our “story” together this year by saying our names – and by telling the history of how we came to have them. Students wrote their name poem/​story and created a name card that complemented their story.


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