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Recap (with video): Emotional intelligence, challenge, achievement, and tools for home

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This month, the Phillips Brooks School community has had the privilege of hearing from two experts on emotional intelligence at GATHER: Professor Marc Brackett, the founding director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, and our own Dr. Sarah D. Hraha, Director of Emotional Intelligence. Each talk was followed by a family-education session that lasted about an hour.

The topics covered included taking risks, barriers to creativity, how emotional intelligence helps take on challenge, the relationship of our emotions to achievement and how they can get in the way, and tools we use in the classroom that can be taken home.

The talks expanded on the key topics from Head of School Dr. Scott Erickson’s series of GATHER talks that began the year – talks on Challenge, Achievement, and Competition.

If you couldn’t make it to these events in person, we recommend you take a look at the videos, linked below. (And while you’re at it, consider taking a moment to subscribe, using the form on this page, to weekly or monthly PBS Blog updates to make sure you never miss a video or article!)

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