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5 answers to important questions about the PBS Annual Fund

Christina Campbell, Annual Giving Manager

The Gazette is Phillips Brooks School’s weekly parent newsletter. Each week, the lead article from the Gazette is cross-posted here on the PBS Blog.

Last year was a banner year for the PBS Annual Fund! We are so proud not only to have broken our record for total giving but also to have achieved 100% parent participation for the first time in the school’s 40-year history. Now (much like the Cubs) we’re hoping for a repeat! With the help of our amazing Class Captains and their volunteer leaders Amelia Schultz, Jason Werlin, and Charlotte Zanders Waxman, I’m sure we’ll get there!

Now that the school year is in full swing, all current parents should have received their personalized invitations to participate in the 2017–2018 Annual Fund, and you might have even heard from your Class Captain for a brief introduction.

Class Cap·tain /klas ˈkaptən/
noun. A parent volunteer who helps PBS achieve 100% parent participation in the Annual Fund by emailing, calling, or texting fellow PBS parents whose kids are in the same class as their kids

I wanted to share some information with you to help answer questions we get from new parents and PBS veterans each year.

How do I make a gift or pledge to the Annual Fund?

You can mail or drop off a check (sent to the attention of yours truly) or return the envelope that came with your invitation card. Or, you can go online to to make a gift by credit card or to make a pledge (payable by Graduation Day). There are other ways to give (like gifts of stock or wire transfers); visit the Giving page on the website for full details or just reach out to me by email or phone (650-854-4545 x147).

What is the difference between the Annual Fund and the Spring Benefit?

The Annual Fund is the school’s top giving priority every year and helps fund, in the current academic year, three key ingredients for PBS’s success: excellent programs, high-caliber teachers, and financial aid. The Spring Benefit provides support to a few, specific programs for the following school year.

What is the “tuition gap”?

Tuition doesn’t cover the full cost of creating an excellent classroom experience for each PBS student; the difference between expenses and tuition is what we refer to as the “tuition gap,” and it’s about 15% of the operating budget (or about $5,300 per student). 

I’m in! How much should I give?

We ask that each family make a gift that is meaningful to them. What that means is up to your family to determine. We hope PBS will be a top philanthropic priority for each PBS family. You can always take a look at our giving circles (listed on the gift and pledge forms) and choose a level that resonates with you.

Do Class Captains know my giving history?

No, our Class Captains’ role is to encourage 100% participation from PBS families. They do not know the amount that you give or your giving history.

Christina Campbell joined the PBS community in 2017 as the Annual Giving Manager, having come from St. James’ Episcopal School in Los Angeles, where she served as their donor relations and campaign coordinator. She has a bachelor’s from the University of Michigan and is completing on a master’s from Northwestern University. Christina is a Disney fan, a soccer enthusiast, and an unabashed Directioner.


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