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Visual Artist Lexy Ho-Tai to visit campus this month

Keriann Armusewicz, Visual Art Teacher

As we enter November, I am excited to formally announce that we are bringing a visiting artist, Lexy Ho-Tai, to campus November 28-30 to work with our students in grades K–5. Each class will have an hour-long workshop with Lexy, during which they will explore the concepts of joy and playfulness through recycled materials.

Our goal for the end of this workshop is to have a collaborative artwork that all students have contributed towards.

Students in the 2nd through 5th grades will be creating individual “canvases” with three-dimensional features. Lexy will work with students to employ strategies that artists use to problem-solve and make aesthetic decisions that are playful and create joy.

Students in Kindergarteners and 1st-graders will participate in a fabric-printing workshop; Lexy will cut out pieces of their creations for integration into the final piece.

We expect to hand the final piece in the Multipurpose Room at the end of Lexy's visit, but as the piece takes shape, this plan may change.

Lexy and I will also co-present at GATHER on Friday, November 30, so mark your calendar!

We need your recycled materials!

Since Lexy is joining us from New York, she is unable to transport enough recycled materials for hundreds of students, so I’m asking for your help in collecting some specific items. Lexy and I have talked extensively about what recycled materials will be exciting for students to use while ensuring that the finished product is interesting to look at. Below is a list of these materials. Please gather up what you have in your house that may need a new home, and bring them in! All donations can be sent to the Visual Art Studio for storage until the workshop.

What We're Looking For

  • Bottle caps (all types/sizes)
  • Sequins
  • Ribbon
  • Jewels
  • Can Tabs
  • Pieces of colored plastic
  • Buttons
  • Shells
  • Broken costume jewelry
  • Packaging (packing peanuts, bubble wrap, etc.)
  • Old game pieces

Please ensure all items are thoroughly cleaned as needed. Unclean items will be discarded. Please do not send in items that are not included in this list, and note that donated items will not be returned.

About Lexy

Photograph of Lexy Ho-Tai with some of her artwork

In her own words…

Hi, I'm LEXY. Nice to meet you! I am an interdisciplinary artist who is interested in the intersection between art making and making the world a better place. I explore social themes through work that is humorous, playful, and interactive. I seek to emulate the minds of children in my process; I love to explore materials, experiment, and play, with the goal of creating artwork rooted in authenticity, joy, and self-expression. I love working with my hands, implementing traditional craftwork to create inviting and unique pieces. I am passionate about arts and accessibility, and have most recently been exploring public and participatory art, including performances, murals, and workshops. My long-term project is entitled KOOKERVILLE, a fictitious world where your inner child goes to when it has been lost. This is manifested in the form of outlandish creatures, called Kookers, that are made from found and recycled materials. The Kookers roam around New York City to spread joy, play, and social disruption.

Closing note

I really appreciate all of your support and am looking forward to bringing this unique experience to PBS. If you have any questions about this artist visit or any other aspect of the visual arts program here at PBS, please don’t hesitate to email me

Keriann Armusewicz joined the PBS community in 2017, coming to us from Sag Harbor, New York, though her career teaching art has brought her to Singapore, South Korea, and Egypt. She holds a bachelor’s degree in art education from the State University College at Buffalo, from which she graduated magna cum laude, and a master’s degree in art and art education from Teachers College at Columbia University.

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