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The ABCs of Coronavirus • A picture-book and video from two PBS Alumni

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We are very pleased to present an informative, fun and creative presentation of "The ABCs of Coronavirus"- written, crafted, and narrated entirely by two PBS Alumni, Sean and Sophia Nesamoney. Sophia graduated from PBS in 2012 and Sean graduated in 2016. Sean is a rising sophomore at the Menlo School interested in music and computer programming, while Sophia is studying human biology and creative writing at Stanford University. Sean says: "Sophia and I really miss our time at PBS, and remember it so fondly. We often think about kids in elementary school, like those at PBS, and how confusing this time in their lives must be. So while we've had some time on our hands, we decided to combine our skills in writing and art to create this resource for kids, which focuses on important information about Coronavirus, but presents it in a fun, colorful, uplifting way". We hope you will share these valuable, entertaining resources with your kids, and celebrate this fun project accomplished by two ambitious, caring PBS alumni students, Sean and Sophia. You can view the audiobook YouTube version below, or you can download the PDF version, which you can read to your kids, or have them read to you!




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