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Flu shots: An important way to protect our community, especially in 2020

Hannah Widgren, Health Coordinator

Each fall, PBS strongly encourages our community to receive the influenza vaccination, in order to prevent an outbreak of the flu from occurring on campus. This year, getting the flu shot will be especially important. Our partners at One Medical have compiled several resources on what you should know about the flu, flu shots, and why this is such a vital topic during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Faculty and staff may receive a flu shot at no cost during one of our two on-campus flu clinics or through their primary medical care provider. (Details are in your email!) All members of the community are encouraged to seek out a vaccine through their healthcare provider. There are also many other convenient, free ways to get a flu shot, and San Mateo County Health has resources on their website to help.

The following brief quotation gets at the heart of why we hope our community will take the need for vaccination against the flu particularly seriously this year:

With so much unknown about the interaction between flu and COVID-19, getting a flu shot is more important than ever. While it may not protect you against COVID-19, the flu vaccine will reduce your risk of contracting flu and COVID-19 at the same time and thus your risk of hospitalization and severe illness. The flu shot also helps prevent the flu from spreading. Getting vaccinated will reduce your risk of contracting the virus and transmitting it to others, including immunocompromised individuals for whom both flu and COVID-19 could be deadly.


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