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Curriculum Insights • Goals and Outcomes of our EI program review

Casey Powell, Student Wellness Manager

PBS’s Emotional Intelligence (EI) Team conducted a formal program review of our curriculum in the spring and summer of 2021. Our top priority is an EI program that meets the needs of individual learners, so it’s important to assess new developments in the field, current research on child development, and benchmarks for best practices.

We complete program reviews regularly in order to be responsive to new research, incorporate resources from leaders in the field into our curriculum, and partner with reputable organizations that ground their work in data. This second EI article offers information on our 2021 program review so you will understand the goals, purposes, and outcomes. We’re using an FAQ format so you can easily see the headlines.

Why do we conduct formal program reviews every three years?

  • Ensure all instructional content is cutting edge
  • Evaluate the curriculum to ensure it best meets student needs
  • Align the program with current research
  • Use informal and formal student assessments to evaluate instructional effectiveness and individual student learning
  • Benchmark our curriculum to best practices

Who was on the EI program review team?

  • Dana Doolin, Teacher Mentorship Program Coordinator and former lead teacher
  • Jon Fulk, Head of Academic Programs
  • Phoebe Mauricio, 4th-grade lead teacher
  • Zac Oldenburg, Early Learning Center Manager
  • Ariel Petersen, 1st-grade lead teacher
  • Casey Powell, Student Wellness Manager

What main steps were part of the review process?

  • Assessed current EI successes and areas for improvement together with classroom teachers
  • Reviewed the scope-and-sequence for each grade level
  • Identified gaps in the curriculum that we wanted to address
  • Developed goals that we wanted to achieve based on our assessment of the current state of EI
  • Conducted academic research on EI best practices to identify what we’re doing well and opportunities for improvement, including a review of hundreds of reputable research-based programs
  • Attended webinars and scheduled meetings with experts in the field
  • Reviewed new curriculum models that would meet our goals and best suit student needs

What were the primary outcomes of the EI program review?

  • New Curriculum: An area for improvement was to identify a curriculum with explicit and well-crafted lessons based on ongoing research and data. By using a due diligence process to choose Fly Five, we have enabled greater instructional responsiveness to classroom needs. We have also supported teachers by eliminating the need for them to create the lessons from scratch.
  • Assessment Protocol: We have increased the frequency of informal assessments so we can be vigilant about individual student needs.
  • Adult-First Approach: One EI best practice is to prioritize training and skill development for the adults that deliver the program. We have increased faculty professional development so that our program remains effective, excellent, and sustainable.
  • School-to-Home Resources: This allows parents to reinforce the EI skills taught in school. It will foster strong partnerships among students, families, and teachers. This collaborative approach will support successful EI development for all students and increase parent knowledge of EI.

What are the attributes of Fly Five that aligned with our goals and research?

  • Explicit curriculum with a coherent and clear scope-and-sequence
  • Well-structured program with scaffolded skill-building lessons
  • Assessment tools for individual students, groups of students, classrooms, and educators
  • Meets CASEL standards
  • Offers training and coaching opportunities for teachers
  • Culturally responsive
  • Complements the Responsive Classroom framework currently in place at PBS
  • Provides School-to-Home resources


Thank you for supporting our EI program objectives!

Casey Powell
Wellness Manager

  • Emotional Intelligence
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