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Black History Month special guest and storytelling events

Jon Fulk and Leslie Richardson, Grade-level Directors

As part of our ongoing Black History Month celebration and showcase of African Americans in our community near and far, we're excited to present a series of events to our community.

Kirk Waller classroom storytelling presentations

Kirk Waller is a storyteller with a lifelong love of story, literature and performing arts, and has been immersed in these art forms for over 20 years. In collaboration with Maeve Knoth, Kirk will be recording two story presentations exclusively for PBS students - one for Kindergarten to 2nd-graders, and one for 3rd- to 5th-graders. Connection Teachers will share these stories with their classes during the week of February 22. Be sure to ask your child about the engaging and musical storytelling style of this African American artist!

Diane Ferlatte musical storytelling event for PBS families
Date: Thursday, Feb 25
Time: 6:30 p.m.
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We invite all PBS families - parents, kids and grandparents - to join us for an exclusive storytelling session by Diane Ferlatte. As a youngster, Diane was steeped in the oral tradition. Her early childhood years in Louisiana were spent on her grandparent's porch with family and neighbors swapping stories, lies and tales. Now an internationally renowned storyteller, Diane has traveled the globe, and believes that telling and listening to each other’s stories not only enables us to learn about each other, but also to understand each other better. She views storytelling as a traditional art form that can promote literacy, imagination, and values in the young. Diane, with the accompaniment of her musical sidekick Erik Pearson on banjo and guitar, has won numerous awards and even a GRAMMY nomination. We hope you can join us for this special event!

PBS Alumnus Matthew Majalya: “Connecting Past to Present - Black History through African Artifacts and Artwork”
Date: Tuesday, Feb 23
Time: 6:30 p.m.
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Now a 6th-grader at Menlo School, PBS alumnus Matthew Majalya remembers his PBS community very fondly and would like to share his perceptive observations on “Connecting Past to Present Black History through African Artifacts and Artwork”. Matthew’s recent museum visits to displays of African artifacts and artwork have sparked noticings about connections between these, and current cultural events. All PBS families - parents, kids and grandparents, are invited to join Matthew for his insightful observations.


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