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GATHER Classroom Reporters • Sep. 6, 2019

PBS Students

Kindergarten East

Hi,I am in Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Wolfe’s Kindergarten class. This week in Science, we got to try tomatoes. I thought they were really good. Have a tasty Friday!


Kindergarten West

Hi, we are in Mrs. Tully and Mrs. Kennedy’s Kindergarten class. This week in Science, we looked in the garden. We ate plants.
Have a Science Friday!


1st Grade East

Hi! I am in 1st-grade East. This week, during choice time, I worked with friends to make a building out of Magna Tiles. We made it fourteen tiles tall! I had a lot of fun! Have a fun Friday!


2nd Grade East


2nd Grade West

Hi, I am in 2 West. Last week in 2nd grade we did a scavenger hunt. We found different things from nature. We also picked up trash on campus. Have a nature-filled Friday!


3rd Grade East

Hi! I am in Mrs. Kenzig and Ms. Plasterer’s 3rd-grade class. This week in Library, we picked our favorite poems to add to our anthology, which is a collection of poetry. I picked ‘ Eat While I Read ’because I love to do both of those things! I also added Jabberwocky for the silly words. Have a poem-filled Friday!


3rd Grade West

I am in 3 West with Ms. Kridel and Ms. Plasterer. This week in Reading Workshop, we are working on becoming our best readers. I read I Survived The Attack of The Grizzlies, 1967.  It was a mystery to find out when the grizzlies would appear. Have a survival weekend!!


4th Grade East

Hi, I’m in 4th Grade East. This week we met our Pre-K Buddies and we had to read stories with them. The students were very tiny! We also had to make introduction signs for them which they could take back to their classroom to remember us by. Afterwards, we had to write down what we enjoyed about our Pre-K buddies. Have a great Friday!


4th Grade West

 Hello, PBS! I am in 4th grade West. This week, on Wednesday, the 4th graders had to make a rectangular array of 11x13. Our goal was to draw the fewest number of squares inside of the rectangle. My partner and I came up with seven squares, but then during quiet time we came up with six squares. That was our record! Have a math-filled Friday!



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