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GATHER Classroom Reporters • Sep. 27, 2019

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Kindergarten East

Bonjour and good morning. We are in Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Wolfe’s Kindergarten class. This week in Science, we picked tomatoes from the garden. I picked a reddish orange tomato and really liked it (left). And I picked a red tomato and I loved it (right). Thank you and have a tomato-filled Friday.


Kindergarten West

Hi, we are in Mrs. Tully and Mrs. Kennedy’s kindergarten class. This week we have a science experiment in our classroom about plants. A few weeks ago, we asked the question “Can plants grow without soil?” When we finished, the answer was, “Yes!” Then we wondered if the radishes would
grow without soil. We have this experiment in our classroom right now. Have a Science-y Friday!


1st Grade East

Hi! I am in 1st Grade East. This week, we went to the Palo Alto Art Center. We saw sculptures and photographs of animals and people. We also thought about texture and made animal masks. Have an artistic Friday!


1st Grade West

Hi, I am in 1 West. This week in Art, we did printmaking. I grabbed lots of objects, then I painted with
them and then I stamped them. I had lots of fun doing that. I had very messy hands after. Have a very fun, art-filled Friday!


2nd Grade East

Hi, I am in 2 East! This week in Math, we made a dinner party and used connect cubes as our guest. We then made math equations on where our guest sat at the dinner table. Have a Math-filled Friday!


2nd Grade West

Hi, I am from 2 West. This week in PE we played CamouDodge.  CamouDodge is a mix of Camouflage and Dodgeball. My favorite part was getting people out with the dodgeball. Have a Dodgeball Friday!


3rd Grade East & West

Good Morning, we are in 3 East with Ms. Kenzig and Ms. Plasterer. This week, we went on a field trip to the SF MOMA, and saw so many paintings and sculptures! My favorite was a sculpture with flowers
made out of sponges. We also made our own art with tissue paper. My inspiration was rainbows. And I liked a painting of a farm with a peach tree, because it was very mystical and colorful. After our tour, we went into the classroom and we did this color experiment where they held up an American flag but in the wrong colors. When you stared at it for 20 seconds and blinked the American flag showed up on the white board! This is because of complementary colors. Have a colorful Friday!


4th Grade East & West

Good Morning! I’m from Ms. Mauricio and Ms. Guertin’s 4th Grade Class. We are going to talk about our Connect last week. We had a lot of fun with our Pre-K buddies! We also got to introduce them to our adorable class pets. We got to read with our buddies and played on the Little Toy. Then, we got to introduce them to Winky and Dobby and had a snack. 




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