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GATHER Classroom Reporters • Oct. 5, 2018

PBS Students

Kindergarten East

Hi, I am in Mrs. Cook and Ms. Petersen’s Kindergarten class. This week in Music we sang the song “Two Little Blackbirds.” It is my favorite song activity. Have a singing Friday!


Kindergarten West

Hi, I am in Mrs. Tully and Ms. Stevens’s Kindergarten class. This week in Kindergarten, we went to Art. We decorated cardboard and I decided to paint scribble scrabble. Have an arty Friday!


1st Grade East

Hi, I am in Mr. Shin and Ms. Faruqi’s 1st-grade class. This week in Art, we made our prints. Ms. Armusewicz showed us a famous print from an artist Beth Weintraub. It encouraged me to make a beautiful piece of art. This is my piece of art. Thanks for listening and have an art-filled Friday!


1st Grade West

Good morning. I am in Ms. Doolin and Mr. Cruz’s 1st-grade class. This week in Science, we made slime. We mixed glue, water, baking soda, and contact solution. I had lots of fun. Have a slimy Friday!


2nd Grade East

Greetings PBS, I am an 2 East. This week in 2nd grade, we explored addition tables in Math.  We used the table to discover add 10 facts, double facts, add zero facts and more. We then color coded them. My favorite were the double facts! Thanks for listening and have a mathematical Friday.


2nd Grade West

Hi, I am in 2 West. This week in art we made prints. First I drew a house on paper in pencil. Then we traced our drawing onto a piece of styrofoam. I chose to put orange paint on my printing piece and print it on green paper. Have a printing Friday!


3rd Grade East

Guten Morgen. I am in 3 East. This month in Writers Workshop we have been writing our Personal Narratives. A personal narrative is a small moment about something that has happened to you. I am writing about playing outside with my friend and coming back to find my brother crying. What I like about writing stories is that if you use the right words, you can make your reader feel what you want them to. Have a writing Friday!


4th Grade East

Hi, I am in 4 East. This week in Music, we have been playing different assortments of xylophones, like the glockenspiel and the bass. I like learning how to play these particular instruments because every xylophone has a very different sound. I haven’t played the bass yet, but I have heard it, and I really like the big, booming explosion of sound. Thanks for listening and have a xylophonic Friday.


4th Grade West

Hi, I am in 4 West.  In Art this week, we are practicing making 3D paintings. To do this, you paint one side light, and one side dark, and you blend them together. I realized that it is harder to make a 3D painting than I thought it would be because you have to pretend that there is a light and then draw a shadow. Thanks for listening and I hope you have an artistic Friday!



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