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GATHER Classroom Reporters • Oct. 20, 2017

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Kindergarten East

A boy with dancing robot on the table next to him
Hello, I am in Mrs. Cook and Miss Petersen’s Kindergarten class. This week in Kindergarten, we looked at stuff at the S.T.E.A.M. Museum. I saw a robot who stood up and sat down. His name is Tim! Have a robotical Friday!


Kindergarten West

Hello friends, I am in Mrs. Tully and Ms. Steven’s Kindergarten class. In P.E., we played sharks and minnows. Some children are sharks and some are minnows. If you get tagged before you get to the other side, you are a shark. Have a P.E. Friday!


1st Grade East

Students gathered around a table with a 3D printer
Hola. I am in Mr. Shin and Ms. Faruqi’s 1st-grade class. This week in the STEAM Museum, we printed out a plastic octopus with the 3-D printer. Me and Alexandra made the number arch. Hope you have a 3-D Friday.


1st Grade West

A boy holding a handle that is part of an educational game about electricity
Good morning. I am in Ms. Doolin and Mr. Cruz’s 1st-grade class. This week, we visited the S.T.E.A.M. museum. My favorite station was the Buzz Wire because you had to really focus to make it to the other side. Have a science filled Friday.


2nd Grade East

Good morning, I’m in Ms. Tachis and Mr. Taylor’s 2nd-grade class. This week in PE we started the fitness challenge. The first day we did jump rope, sit-ups, shuttle run, and sit-and-reach. My favorite one was the shuttle run because I had to run really fast. Have a nice day.


2nd Grade West

Hi, I am in Ms. Samuelson and Ms. Kridel’s 2nd-grade class. This week in Art, we printed pictures and I made a drawing of outer space. First, we drew a picture on paper. Then, we traced the picture on foam. We covered the foam in paint and used it to stamp the picture on another piece of paper. Have an artistic Friday!


3rd Grade East

Hello, I am in Mrs.Robinson and Ms.Kilsby’s 3rd-grade class. This week in readers workshop, we started a new unit on mysteries. We are reading our books with a partner and when we find clues about who the suspects are in the book we record it. This way, we can keep track of all the characters and clues. My favorite part is figuring out the mystery and who committed the crime. I hope you have a mysterious day!


3rd Grade West

A boy doing a science experiment
Hello, I am in Mrs.McCarthy and Ms.Kilsby’s 3rd-grade class. This week in Science, we learned about Isaac Newton’s laws of motion, focusing on his first law. We got a cup of water and put a piece of paper on top of the cup. Then we placed a cylinder on the paper and tested 3 different balls in it - foam, plastic, and wood. We pulled the paper out from under the cylinder and tried to let the ball go in the water without the cylinder. It was splendid. Have a great Friday, and remember not to break any laws!


4th Grade East

I am from Ms. Diaz and Ms. Saeed’s 4th-grade class. This past Wednesday we went to the STEAM museum where we are now. My favorite thing was the red and white robot doing the Macarena. Have a funny Friday!


4th Grade West

Hi, I am in Ms. Mauricio and Ms. Saeed’s 4th-grade class. In morning meeting, we have been doing a ‘passion share.’ Two people share about their passions. My passion is swimming. Thank you for listening and have a passion-filled Friday!



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