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GATHER Classroom Reporters • Nov. 1, 2019

PBS Students

Kindergarten East

Hi. We are in Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Wolfe’s Kindergarten class. This week we went on a field trip to Webb Ranch. We went in a corn maze, a hay ride, and a pumpkin patch. My favorite part was the maze and the hay ride (right).  It was fun. My favorite part was picking out a pumpkin (left). Have a pumpkin patch Friday!


Kindergarten West

Hi, We are in Mrs. Tully and Mrs. Kennedy’s Kindergarten class. On Wednesday, we went to the pumpkin patch and went on a hay ride. We went in a corn maze and climbed on a tractor. We had a lot of fun! We also finished our syllable
investigation. The majority of grown-ups at PBS have 2 syllables in their first name. Have a pumpkin patch Friday!


1st Grade East

Hello! I am in 1st Grade East. This week during Art, we had to learn about sculpture relief and different ways to connect cardboard. I connected the cardboard by using glue. I added crystals and pompoms after. I turned my work into a color chart. Have an artistic Friday!


1st Grade West

Hello, I am in 1 West. This week me, we played with Legos during Choice Time. We made a bunny, a house and a
submarine. Have a Lego-filled Friday!


2nd Grade East

Hello! I am in 2 East with Ms. Tachis and Ms. Nicholson. This week we did Pumpkin Math! We measured our pumpkins and drew faces on them and then we got to carve them! Have a happy Friday!!


2nd Grade West

Good morning, I am in Mrs. Sanders and Ms. Huang’s 2nd-grade class. Last week, we made otters out of paper bags in Science class. I had a brown otter. His name is Brownie. Have an otter-y Friday!


3rd Grade East

Good morning! I'm in Mrs. Kenzig and Ms. Plasterer's 3rd-grade class. On Wednesday, we learned a new math game, "Loops and Groups", about multiplication. It is so fun, but I lost 73 to 49 – a whole 4 x 6 points! Have a multiplication filled Friday!


3rd Grade West

Good Morning, I'm in Ms. Kridel and Ms. Plasterer's 3rd grade class. In Writing this week, we created scarecrow stories. My scarecrow had a pumpkin for its head, and wears a cowboy hat. He is for scaring people not crows! Have a spooky Friday!


4th Grade East

Hello!I am in 4 East: Ms. Diaz and Ms. Guertin’s classroom. Last week, we took a field trip to City Hall and we saw the mayor of Menlo Park. We learned about his life and how Menlo Park got its name. We also learned that the mayor likes helping the community. Have a community-filled Friday!


4th Grade West

Good morning fellow students! I am from 4 West and this week on Wednesday we had buddy day. We had a really fun time playing with our buddies and making stories with them. I also really liked how we got to draw pictures for Inktober and they gave us pictures back. I’m really looking forward to the next buddy day to play with our buddies. Have a friendly Friday!




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