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GATHER Classroom Reporters • May 24, 2019

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Kindergarten East

Hi! We are in Mrs. Cook and Miss Petersen’s Kindergarten class. This week we are making the Kindergarten Rockstar Arcade. We are making lots of prizes and games, and we made one prize each. It will be open this afternoon! Have a game-filled Friday!


Kindergarten West

Hi. I am in Mrs. Tully and Ms. Stevens’ Kindergarten class. We made a rainforest in our classroom. I was in the insect group and I made centipedes, spiders and ants. We went to the Academy of Sciences and saw the rainforest and it was super fun! Have a Rainforest-y Friday!


1st Grade East

Hi, I am in Mr. Shin and Ms. Faruqi’s 1st-grade class. This week in Science, we studied fossils. I liked looking for fossils in the sand. Thanks for listening and have a science-filled Friday! 


1st Grade West

Good morning. I am in Ms. Doolin and Mr. Cruz’s 1st-grade class. This week in Art, we made artist trading cards. We got to express our feelings by writing how we felt. My favorite part was when we got to trade our cards. Have an art-filled Friday!


2nd Grade East

Good morning. I am in 2 East. This week in 2nd grade Math, we have been doing experiments and collecting data using marbles and ramps. We use blocks, paper towel tubes, and marbles to construct ramps. So far we have tested how the height of the ramp and the mass of the marbles effects how far the marbles roll.  Have a rolling Friday!


3rd Grade West

Hi, I am in 3 West. This week in Math, we built bridges. It was fun and chaotic, but I’ve seen more chaos. There were so many materials to choose from. My group got cardboard, tinfoil and string. I worked with a group of three, which is hard, but I had fun anyway. Have a rainbow bridge Friday!


4th Grade East

Hi, I am in 4 East. This week in Spanish, we have been working on our presentations about the book Brandon Brown Quiere un Perro. My partner and I are writing questions about each chapter of the book. When we present, we’ll ask our classmates the questions and see who gets the most right. Every group is presenting on a different topic, and we have been working hard on this project for a long time. Thanks for listening, and have a Spanish-filled Friday!


4th Grade West

Hi, I am in 4 East. A few weeks ago in Science, we voted to dissect a squid for our last class. So this week, we got our squids and got to work. They are pretty ugly, but cutting them up was very satisfying. We identified the mantle, ink-sac, water jet, and beak. Afterwards, we had some time to see what else we could find. One cool thing I learned is that the water jet sucks in water, and propels the squid forward by shooting it back out. Thanks for listening, and don’t watch any Spongebob this weekend.



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