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GATHER Classroom Reporters • May 11, 2018

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Kindergarten East

Hello! We are in Mrs. Cook, Miss Petersen, and Mrs.Donovan’s Kindergarten class. This week in Kindergarten we had a Buddy Lunch with our 5th Grade Buddies. We went on the grass and we ate lunch. Have a picnic Friday!


Kindergarten West



1st Grade East

Hi, I am in Mr. Shin and Ms. Faruqi’s 1st-grade class. This week, we went to Menlo Park Library and did a Wax Museum. I was Maya Lin, the architect of the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial. Have a fun Friday!


1st Grade West

Hello, I am in Ms. Doolin and Mr. Cruz’s 1st-grade class. This week in Reader’s Workshop we learned about making inferences. Ms. Doolin showed us things from her purse and we made inferences about her. For example, she showed us an apple and we guessed that she tries to be a healthy eater. Have a fantastic Friday!


2nd Grade West

Hi, I am in Ms. Samuelson and Ms. Kridel’s 2nd-grade class. This week we went on a field trip to Hidden Villa. We went on a hike, met the farm animals, and ate vegetables from the garden! Have a nature-filled Friday!


3rd Grade East

Hi, I am in Ms. Robinson and Ms. Kilsby’s 3rd-grade class. This week we started research clubs. This is where we read nonfiction books and get information about a specific topic. My topic is blobfish, they were voted the worlds ugliest animal in 2013. Have a good Friday!


3rd Grade West

Hi, I am in Mrs. McCarthy and Ms. Kilsby’s 3rd-grade class. In Library, we are making poetry anthologies, or poetry books. I just finished. My favorite poem is titled “Food Hates You
Too”. My book includes different poems by multiple authors, but one illustrator: ME! Have a happy Friday!


4th Grade East

Hi, I am in Ms. Diaz and Ms. Saeed’s 4th-grade class. Two weeks ago the 4th grade went to Coloma. We learned about the gold rush and James Marshall who started the gold rush.  A Native American came to present about her culture.  If they kill an animal, they use all the parts of the animal.  Have a Coloma Friday! 


4th Grade West

Hi, I am in Ms. Mauricio and Ms. Saeed’s 4th-grade class. In Art, we have been working on our Art Show pieces for the last few months. My piece is a Star Wars piece. It was inspired by an origami Yoda book. My 2nd-piece is a surrealist inspired piece. Have a Star Wars Friday!



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