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GATHER Classroom Reporters • Mar. 29, 2019

PBS Students

Kindergarten East

G’day mates, we are in Mrs. Cook and Miss Petersen’s Kindergarten class.
Left: Last week we had Hero Day.
Right: My favorite part was when we wore our super hero costumes.
Left: My hero is Flash because he is the fastest human.
Right: My hero is Spiderman because he always does what’s right.
Have a hero-filled Friday!


2nd Grade East

Hola, I am in 2 East. This week we had our 2nd-grade play, "The Lorax". We’ve been practice for over a month to perform the play for you. My favorite part was when I first entered holding a Truffula tree! Have a thneed-filled Fri-YAY.


2nd Grade West

Guten morgen! I am in 2 West. This week we performed our 2nd-grade play, “The Day The Crayons Quit.” We practiced for a whole month!  I was one of the purple crayons. My favorite part of the play was when everyone was arguing. Have a colorful Friday!



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