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GATHER Classroom Reporters • Mar. 22, 2019

PBS Students

Kindergarten West

Hi, we are in Mrs. Tully and Ms. Stevens’s Kindergarten class. This week in Kindergarten, we
started a project about the Amazon Rainforest. We want to make a Rainforest in our classroom. We drew plans. Have an Amazon Rainforest filled Friday!


1st Grade East

Hi, I am in Mr. Shin and Ms. Faruqi’s 1st-grade class. Last week during Family Friday, we played Family Bingo. I won for Family 12 and I got a prize. Thanks for listening and have a Bingo-filled Friday! 


1st Grade West

Good morning. I am in Ms. Doolin and Mr. Cruz’s 1st-grade class. This week in Art, we worked on
our art show pieces. I made a volcano that erupted on a pizza store. The challenging part was
making the volcano look real. I hope you have a lava filled Friday.


2nd Grade East

Hello, I am in 2 East. This week at PBS is Spirit Week, with each day focusing on our four core values. I loved everyday of Spirit Week but I really enjoyed Thursday. Thursday was Love of Learning day and we got listen to Ms. Knoth read a book and wear our pajamas. Have a spirit-y Friday!


2nd Grade West

Hello, I am in 2 West. This week in Science, we looked for fossils in sand. I found a fossilized shark tooth, and a crinoid, which is a type of coral. My favorite part was digging for the fossils.  Have a fossilized Friday!


3rd Grade East

Good morning, I am in 3 East. This week the 3rd grade went to Coyote Hill Regional Park. We learned how to live like the Ohlone Tribe. We saw how the Ohlone made food, played games and crafted materials. My favorite part was playing a game where there is a rolling donut and you have to throw a spear through it. Have an Ohlone-filled Friday!


3rd Grade West

Bonjour. I am in 3 West. This week we had Spirit Week, where we dressed up as different things. For example, we had Pajama Day and Role Model Day. My role model was my sister because I want to become as good at horseback riding as her. My favorite day was Pajama Day because I got to wear a unicorn onesie! I hope you have a pajama Friday!


4th Grade East

Good morning PBS, I am in 4 East. This week was Spirit Week and I had lots of fun! My favorite day of Spirit Week was Rainbow Day because it was so cool to see all of the grades come together and make one big rainbow. I hope that the Spirit Week next year is going to be as great as or even better than this year! Have a spirit-filled Friday!


4th Grade West

Hi, I am in 4 West. For Global Citizenship, we’ve been studying Missions and we are now working on our projects as historians, architects or Native Americans. Last week, we went to San Juan Bautista. It was built in 1785 and it was the 15th mission built. We saw a church, garden, cemetery and more. My favorite part was seeing the church because I love visiting different types of churches. Thank you for listening and have a YOUnique Friday!



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