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GATHER Classroom Reporters • Mar. 1, 2019

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Kindergarten East

Hey, I am in Mrs. Cook and Miss Petersen’s Kindergarten class. This week in Science, we made a kazoo and it was so fun. I chose the colored straws blue and red and I’m taking it home. Have a colored kazoo fun-filled Friday!


Kindergarten West

Hello PBS community. I am in Mrs. Tully and Ms. Steven’s Kindergarten class. On Wednesday, one of my teachers switched classes for the day and the teacher who was in my class was Mr. Taylor. He is a 2nd-grade teacher. He helped us for the day. Have a switching classroom Friday!


1st Grade East

Hi, I am in Mr. Shin and Ms. Faruqi’s 1st-grade class. This week, an author came to our school. Jason Chin showed us his new book: Gravity. He drew a portrait of a kindergartner. Thanks for listening and have a good Friday!


1st Grade West

Good morning, I am in Ms. Doolin and Mr. Cruz’s 1st-grade class. This week, the author Jason Chin came to visit us. He told us his process of writing a book. He also taught us the scribble game. It was cool that he drew a student. Hope you have a writing filled Friday!


2nd Grade East

Hi, I am in Ms. Tachis and Mr. Taylor's 2nd-grade class. This week in class, we learned what play we would be performing for the annual 2nd Grade play. 2 East is doing the story of The Lorax. I hope you enjoy the show when we are ready to perform. Have a theater-filled Friday! 


2nd Grade West

Hi, I am in 2 West. This week we started working on our play. We are choosing what characters we want to be and we have to persuade our teachers. We can’t wait to perform it for you! Have a wonderful Friday!


3rd Grade East

Aloha. I am in 3 East. This week in 3rd Grade, we had a V.I.P lunch with Jason Chin. We read his books, thought about what foods were related to his books, and we made signs to label them. Instead of holding ourselves back, we piled up our plates with food. My favorite part was when I had so much food on my plate that Ms. Robinson had to take a picture of it! Have a food-filled Friday!


3rd Grade West

Hi, I am in 3 West. During free choice in Art, I worked on splatter painting. Splatter painting is where you tap a paint brush with a pencil and it makes a beautiful art style. This time I worked with black, white, blue, red and yellow paint. My favorite part of Art is to be able to get into the moment where I feel comfortable doing experimental art styles. I had a lot of fun doing splatter! Thank you for listening and have an artsy Friday!


4th Grade East

Hi, I am in 4 East. This week in Art, I worked with clay to build a dog, which I am excited will be displayed at the art show this spring. To form the dog, I had to shape a circle with two triangles on top as ears. I enjoy working with clay because I get to build things and be creative. Thank you for listening and have a fantastic Friday!


4th Grade West


Hi, I am in 4 West. This week, author Jason Chin came to our school to teach us about his writing process. He showed us different steps of how he draws and how he writes. One thing that stood out to me is that he starts with a thumbnail sketch, which is a mini drawing. As he gradually makes it bigger he will change it slightly and make sure he is proud of the final product. His most recent book, Grand Canyon, won the Caldecott Honor and it only took him 45 drafts! Jason Chin said, “never turn in something you aren’t proud of”. Thank you for listening and have an artistic Friday!


4th Grade West

Good morning, I am in 4 West. This week in Music, we have been using Garage Band to record our own tracks. I think this is fun because you get to use multiple different objects from around the Music classroom to make tunes with. For example, some members of my group are using wood, while I’m making my song with a chair. Thanks for listening and have a musical Friday!



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