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GATHER Classroom Reporters • Jan. 25, 2019

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Kindergarten East

Hello, I am in Mrs. Cook and Miss Petersen’s Kindergarten class. This week in Kindergarten, we are doing our Writing Celebration. We are reading our published books to the class. Have a writing-filled Friday!


1st Grade East

Hi, I am in Mr. Shin and Ms. Faruqi’s 1st-grade class. This week in Science, we made crystals. We put the crystals over fire and we put it in ice water to cool it down. Thanks for listening and have a crystal Friday! 


1st Grade West

Good morning, I am in Ms. Doolin and Mr. Cruz’s  1st-grade class. This week in Library, we made pop up cards. I made a pop up of a dog and a kitty. It was fun. Hope you have a pop up Friday.


2nd Grade West

Hello! I am in the 2nd Grade. This week we visited the Hiller Aviation Museum. We saw a lot of planes and we could get in the cockpit on one of the planes. There were also blocks and curvy objects that you could put together. Have a high-flying Friday!


3rd Grade East

Good morning, I am in 3 East. This week in 3rd grade, we are finishing our Caldecott unit. The Caldecott is an award given to a picture book with the best illustrations. Today we are voting on which book we think should win the 2019 Caldecott award. I think that "Baby Monkey, Private Eye" by David Serlin should win because of the detailed illustrations. Have a happy award-winning Friday!


3rd Grade West

Good morning, I am in 3 West. Last week, 3rd grade presented their debates in the Library. I argued that zoos should stay open. The team against zoos had really good points about why they should not stay open, but we also had strong arguments. Writing my script was hard because I had to think of what to write and put it into organized paragraphs. The most fun part was spending time with my teammates and finishing our scripts so we could perform in front of our parents. Thanks for listening and have a debate-filled Friday!


4th Grade East



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