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GATHER Classroom Reporters • Jan. 11, 2019

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Kindergarten East

Hi, I am in Mrs. Cook and Miss Petersen’s Kindergarten class. This week in Kindergarten, we are writing about things we know. I am writing about the ocean. Have a cheerful Friday!


Kindergarten West

Hi, I am in Mrs. Tully and Ms. Stevens’s Kindergarten class. We have been working on snowflakes. You need to get a square piece of paper, fold it into a book and then fold it into a square. Then you cut shapes and open
the snowflake and see what the snowflake looks like. I hope you have an awesome winter Friday!


1st Grade East

Hi, I am in Mr. Shin and Ms. Faruqi’s 1st-grade class. This week in Science, we looked at rocks. We looked through a microscope for differences between the rocks. Thanks for listening and have a rocky Friday! 


1st Grade West

Good morning.  I am in Ms. Doolin and Mr. Cruz’s 1st-grade class. This week in Science, we looked at crystals and smooth rocks. I learned that if you look at a crystal under a microscope, it looks shiny. I hope you have a
crystal Friday!


2nd Grade East

Good morning, I am in 2 East.  This week in 2nd grade, we are learning what it means to be a researcher by looking at non-fiction books.  I’ve been reading a book about sharks and learned that there are 370 different kinds! Have a non-fictional Friday!  


3rd Grade East

Yo PBS. I am in 3 East. This week in Writing, we continued working on our persuasive letters. This is where we try to persuade someone to do something for us or make a change. My letter is to Dr. Erickson to persuade him to let 3rd Grade have a class pet. A classic class pet would be a fish or hamster, and that’s what I’m aiming for!

P.S., Dr. Erickson...we need a class pet.

Have a great Friday!


3rd Grade West

Hello, I am in 3 West. This week in Science, we wrote secret messages on paper with colored pencils. We put colored filters on index cards with holes, looked through them and saw certain colors disappear and certain colors change. We learned that red, orange and yellow would disappear while green, blue and purple turned darker. I hope you have a scientific Friday!


4th Grade East

Hi, I in 4 East. In Readers Workshop, we are working on research projects about early California explorers. We filled out a survey that asked which explorer we would like to learn more about. Our next step will be to get into research groups and start learning! This will be fun because we get to work in teams to make presentations. Thanks for listening, and I hope you have a good Friday and an exploring filled weekend!


4th Grade West

Hi, I am in 4 West. This week in Math, we have been able to use Geoboards. These are useful tools to help with fractions. We have been dividing the boards into different regions to help show different fractions. Geoboards are fun to use because you get to see math in a totally different way! Thanks for listening!




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