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GATHER Classroom Reporters • Aug. 30, 2019

PBS Students

1st Grade East

Hello. I am in 1st-grade East. This week, in Science, we saw lots of stuff that we could touch, including animal fur and fruits. And speaking of fruits, we actually ate fresh fruit picked from the science garden. Have a science-y filled Friday!


1st Grade West

Good morning. I am in 1 West. This week in Music, we did stretches, and we walked around in circles, and we sang a song!  Have a good Friday!


4th Grade East and West

Good morning! I am in 4 West. And I’m in 4 East. This week in 4th grade, we were making a world map made out of chalk. We drew it in front of the 4th grade classrooms. First we chose groups for each continent and the oceans, and then we planned what our continents would look like. We both worked on Asia. Lastly, we started drawing our continents and oceans with chalk. Antarctica ran out of white chalk! We got extra messy! We even had to bring smocks to school. Have a teamwork-filled Friday!



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