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Family Friday • Sept. 22, 2017

Maeve Knoth, Librarian, and Meeta Gaitonde, Director of Admission

Today, PBS families met for the first time for the 2017–2018 school year. New students and faculty and staff were introduced to their assigned families – groups of students spanning the elementary grade levels led by 2 or 3 members of the faculty and staff.

Family Fridays is an opportunity for our 5th-graders to develop their leadership skills, so they started the morning by leading a “walking school bus.” They collected their “siblings” from each grade level, beginning with their Kindergarten buddies. (If you’re asking yourself “What are they talking about?” then check out our Family Fridays page.)

Our first Family Friday focused on getting to know each other and sharing a little about our own family structures. Some of us live with our grandparents, some of us have many siblings, some of us are only children. Each family read a story and played several games; ask your child to tell you about one new family member they met.

Look for Family Fridays posts throughout the year to learn more about this precious community-building time. 

Maeve Knoth came to PBS as our librarian in 2013. She is a 4-H community leader, a woman of many diverse talents (including pickling and jam making), and (obviously) an avid reader. Meeta Gaitonde P’17 P’20, Director of Admission, has called PBS her second home since 2002 and has worn nearly every hat at PBS.


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