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Giving in Action

Your support makes a real and measurable impact at PBS!

Excellent Program

  • Compelling mission and core values that drive our love of learning
  • Challenging and customizable curriculum: High academic achievement balanced with a strong foundation in social–emotional learning (SEL)
  • SEL program that teaches our students how to be leaders in emotional intelligence
  • Math program that teaches number sense and high-level understanding as well as skill development, accuracy, and efficiency
  • Lab-based science approach that teaches the scientific method through experiments in a state-of-the-art lab
  • Workshop literacy program that builds up students’ vocabulary with an increasingly diverse selection of books in collections across the school
  • Learning environments that match our child-centered learning philosophy with new furniture and renovated classrooms
  • A new 5th-grade electives program, expanded field trips across the school, and digital citizenship training through our 1-1 iPad program
  • Research-based enhancements to our program, including a network providing us access to cutting-edge research: Fly Five, youcubed (math) at Stanford, and Columbia University’s Readers and Writers Institute

High-caliber Teachers

  • Aspirational, intentional, and research-driven faculty: Doing everything we can to recruit and retain exceptional talent
  • Compensation and benefits that are highly competitive compared to other schools
  • Professional development resources in the 90th percentile of our Bay Area peers
  • Faculty workshops on campus so our teachers have direct access to leading experts in the field, including our full-day math conference with Stanford Professor Jo Boaler
  • Coaching our high-quality new teachers in our peer-to-peer mentorship program
  • Training the faculty of the future through our associate teacher program
  • Building authentic partnerships with our families by improving our progress reports and ways to assess student learning
  • Formal plan to grow and improve academics through our annual Curriculum Deep Dive (CDD) process that brings faculty together to drive new initiatives

Financial Aid

  • Making PBS accessible to families who share our mission and core values by growing our financial aid program
  • Building up the socioeconomic diversity of our community