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Total Costs 2020-2021 ($1.45m)

Last year, in the midst of the global pandemic,The school invested $1.45 million (in addition to already budgeted expenditures) to meet the unexpected needs of our students, faculty, and staff. Investments included:

 Improvements to Campus

Investments in Faculty

Health and Safety Support


 Financial Aid

Goals and Investments 2021-2022 ($300k)

Realistically, COVID-related spending must continue now and into the foreseeable future. In 2021-2022, PBS is investing in:

  • Permanent tenting over the amphitheater the expansion of other outdoor classroom spaces

  • Technology - additional iPads and other equipment

  • Additional bathroom to optimize safe use 

  • COVID testing access on PBS campus 

  • Access to healthcare and daily screening online for all employees and students

  • PPE and other COVID-related supplies

  • Daytime sanitizing and cleaning 

  • Extra ELC teacher & Kindergarten Associate Teacher

  • Health Coordinator

  • Distance learning faculty resource through 2021

  • Improvements to Campus 

  • Investments in Faculty 

  • Health and Safety Support

  • Technology


…which brings us to 91% of our goal!!!


This list includes all donors from whom the school has received their gift or a completed pledge form.


Asawari RaoRane Agrawal and Ashu Agrawal • Alexandra Goodyear and Alex Albert • Julia and Wiley Anderson • Anonymous • Laurel and Robbie Banks • Puja Batra and Rohan Nageswaran • Rachel and James Beck • Malvika and Nikhil Behl • Meher and Marcelo Bossi • Sabrina and Andrew Bowers • Jenny and Matt Brokaw • Vinesha Perera and Brett Chabot • Emily and O'Brien Chalmers • Hayley and Leo Chan • Priyanka Goel and Chaitanya Chandrasekharan • Melinda Lu and Lee Chen • Wanying Li and Wei Chen • Yoohee and Joonwon Choe • Jenny Dinsmore and Casey Clegg • Sumbul and Sanjay Desai • Abby and Egon Durban • Robin and Basil Enan • Scott and Ryan Erickson • Melissa and Rob Francis • Lynda and Pat Galligan • Anonymous • Amy Wender-Hoch and John Hoch • Sherry Xie and Bryan Jin • Yinghua Lu and Michael Jones • Anonymous • Deva and Andrew Karam • Angie and Joe Kauffman • Misha Aima and Puneith Kaul • Lindsay and Sam Kitamura • Beatriz Mendoza and Fernando Kovar • Jenn and Mike Kramer • Puja Singh and Dharmendra Kumar • Eva and Tarun Kumar • Nicole Wang and Elmer Lin • Kirsten and Max Lin • Annie Nguyen-Lin and Steve Lin • Victoria and Edmund Louie • Sarah Cooper Lundell and John Lundell • Jory Steele and Sidney Majalya • Meenakshi Balagopal and Shibu Mathew • Anonymous • Leila and Vineet Mehra • Dafina Toncheva and Todd Meyerrose • Chris and Jason Mironov • Jen and Corey Mulloy • Mina Yazdi and Morteza Nassiri • Maryam and Chris Neil • Keri and Darren Ng • Maya Dani and Dunigan O'Keeffe • Chelsea Sun and Michael Pao • Megha Saini and Vasu Pasupuleti • Vaishnavi Kareddy and Vasusen Patil • Preeti Chiluvuri and Arun Penmetsa • Erika and Jan Pietzsch • Jenny and Luke Proskine • Diljot Kaur and Vishesh Puvadi • Amy Lit and Andy Rittenberg • Parinaz Mohamadi and Mostafa Ronaghi • Alex Lopez and Jorge Ruiz • Olivia Nottebohm and TJ Rylander • Tracy and Ali Satvat • Anonymous • Hester and Neil Seth • Angela Sibley • Nicole and Charley Taylor • Anonymous • Jessica and Derek Yecies • Rachael and David Zats • Sujiang Zhang and David Xu


Bristol-Myers Squibb • Electronic Arts • Facebook (Meta) • Gilead Sciences, Inc. • Google Inc. • Intel Corp. • KKR & Co. Inc. • Microsoft Corp. • PayPal Inc. • Softbank Vision Fund

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