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Annual Gifts

Supporting Today’s PBS

Today’s giving benefits every student, every day.

Annual Fund

Our Annual Fund is the collective gift of our entire community. Our goal is to achieve 100% participation and support from our faculty, staff, trustees, and parents.

Your generosity empowers us to attract and retain the best faculty; develop the artist and athlete in every student; incorporate innovative technologies in the classroom; and pursue exciting learning opportunities with agility.


The Annual Fund supports critical investments that help students flourish—those that we can’t fund with tuition alone. This year, we expect the Annual Fund to provide 10% of the school’s operating income and help to bridge the gap between tuition revenue and the expense of providing an exceptional elementary education to every PBS student. Therefore, the Annual Fund is the school’s philanthropic priority each year.


Gifts to the Annual Fund are spent in the academic year in which they are given and are put immediately to work in the classroom to enhance your child’s education. Parents are asked to make a pledge by December 20, 2018. Payment can be completed through Graduation Day 2019.


Parent volunteers, members of the Advancement Committee, the Annual Giving Manager, and the Head of School contact fellow PBS families in the fall to seek financial support annually. This year’s Annual Fund Co-Chairs are Charlotte Zanders Waxman, mother of Lucas ‘22, Isabelle ‘23, and Leo '26, and Natara Garovoy, mother of Asher '21 and Alexander '23.

Goals for 2018-2019

  • 100% participation from the PBS community in 100 days
  • $1,200,000 in unrestricted support
  • We hope that every family who is able will maintain or increase their giving to the Annual Fund each year.

Spring Benefit

Our annual Spring Benefit is a community-building event that brings together PBS parents, faculty, and staff. With the support of a dedicated team of volunteers, we celebrate our culture of giving and invest in specific strategic priorities for PBS. In recent years, funds raised through the Spring Benefit have enabled the school to support the following programs:

  • Enhancing the mathematics and science curricula
  • Investing in the school library and the physical education program
  • Providing financial aid to families
  • Providing opportunities for continued professional growth for our faculty


The Spring Benefit is an adults-only evening with cocktails, dinner, an auction, raffles, and dancing. Proceeds support faculty excellence and the school’s tuition assistance program. Exciting details for the event are announced each January.


This year’s Spring Benefit will be held Saturday, April 27, 2019, at Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club. Starting in the fall, parents will be asked for their support as volunteers, party hosts, item donors, and underwriters.


The Spring Benefit is a partnership between the Advancement Office and dedicated parent volunteers. This annual fundraising event draws support from PBS families, local businesses, and beyond. This year’s Benefit Co-Chairs are Maya Dani, mom of Roan ‘19, Evan ‘22, and Kian ‘23, and Nicole Taylor, mom of Jackson ’22, and Hayley '22.

Goals for 2018–2019

  • Come together as a community for a fun evening in celebration and support of the wonderful generosity of PBS families.
  • Raise $280,000 for tuition assistance, program development, and professional development.

Party for PBS

In 2017, as a new twist on a PBS tradition, the annual Spring Benefit parties got the love they deserve by becoming a year-round initiative!

Parties for PBS simply acknowledges an awesome truth: the Spring Benefit parties had become so numerous and so much fun that they’d taken on a life of their own, beginning before the Benefit and extending long after. Their success is a testament not only of the generosity of the PBS community, but of how much we all enjoy each other and want to spend time together.

Parties for PBS come in three varieties: parents-only, kids-only, and family parties. These parties raise funds to support program initiatives at PBS and, more importantly, serve to build community and celebrate generosity year-round. Details for events are announced in the lead-up to the Benefit and sold year-round.

Party hosts agree to cover the costs of each party so that 100% of each ticket sold goes to the school.

Party on…

Your Gifts in Action

Annual Giving at PBS supports three key ingredients for success.

Excellent Program

  • Compelling mission and core values that drive our love of learning
  • Challenging and customizable curriculum: High academic achievement balanced with a strong foundation in social–emotional learning (SEL)
  • SEL program that teaches our students how to be leaders in emotional intelligence
  • Math program that teaches number sense and high-level understanding as well as skill development, accuracy, and efficiency
  • Lab-based science approach that teaches the scientific method through experiments in a state-of-the-art lab
  • Workshop literacy program that builds up students’ vocabulary with an increasingly diverse selection of books in collections across the school
  • Learning environments that match our child-centered learning philosophy with new furniture and renovated classrooms
  • A new 5th-grade electives program, expanded field trips across the school, and digital citizenship training through our 1-1 iPad program
  • Research-based enhancements to our program, including a network providing us access to cutting-edge research: Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, youcubed (math) at Stanford, and Columbia University’s Reader’s and Writer’s Institute

High-caliber Teachers

  • Aspirational, intentional, and research-driven faculty: Doing everything we can to recruit and retain exceptional talent
  • Compensation and benefits that are highly competitive compared to other schools
  • Professional development resources in the 90th percentile of our Bay Area peers
  • Faculty workshops on campus so our teachers have direct access to leading experts in the field, including our full-day math conference with Stanford Professor Jo Boaler
  • Coaching our high-quality new teachers in our peer-to-peer mentorship program
  • Training the faculty of the future through our associate teacher program
  • Building authentic partnerships with our families by improving our progress reports and ways to assess student learning
  • Formal plan to grow and improve academics through our annual Curriculum Deep Dive (CDD) process that brings faculty together to drive new initiatives

Financial Aid

  • Making PBS accessible to families who share our mission and core values by growing our financial aid program
  • Building up the socioeconomic diversity of our community

Interested in serving on the Annual Fund team or volunteering for the Spring Benefit?

Contact Olana Khan, Assistant Head of School for Advancement and Strategy, at 650-854-4545 x151, or by email at