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Annual Fund 2020-2021 Progress Tracker

Updated at 12:00 p.m. on Friday, May 7, 2021

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This alphabetical list was updated at 12:00 p.m. on Friday, May 7, 2021, and includes all donors from whom the school has received their gift or a completed pledge form.

Donors whose names are followed by this icon have also contributed to the PBS COVID Fund.


Chuck Adams • Asawari RaoRane Agrawal and Ashu Agrawal   • Alexandra Goodyear and Alex Albert   • Julia and Wiley Anderson   • Kelly and Rob Arditi • Jackie and Agustin Arreaga • Ira and Enriko Aryanto • Sharon Sha and Brian Ash • Anonymous • Deborah Bailey   • Dana and Jon Bailey • Ashika and Jeevan Balani • Laurel and Robbie Banks   • Valerie and Eric Barnett   • Puja Batra and Rohan Nageswaran   • Olivia and Ethan Batraski • Susie and Riley Bechtel • Natara Garovoy and Dan Beck   • Rachel and James Beck   • Malvika and Nikhil Behl   • Rasika Mathur and Sharad Bhargava   • Charlotte and Matthew Birkett • Kimberly and Jerry Birn • Ming Tam and Stewart Bond   • Joan and Nick Boodrookas • Meher and Marcelo Bossi   • Lisa and Quin Boulger • Ashley and DJ Brandt • Jenny and Matt Brokaw   • Ashley and David Burke • Amy and Grady Burnett • Lisa Busby and Hovey Clark • Megan Rodgers and David Caragliano   • Casey Carlson • Anders Carlsson • Pati and Alex Carobus • Armando Cerrillo • Vinesha Perera and Brett Chabot   • Srabanti Chowdhury and Arpan Chakraborty • Anonymous • Emily and O'Brien Chalmers   • Ashley and John Chambers • Lorianne and Nick Chammas • Annette and David Chan • Priyanka Goel and Chaitanya Chandrasekharan • Melinda Lu and Lee Chen   • Wanying Li and Wei Chen   • Jenny Dinsmore and Casey Clegg • Anonymous • Celeste Malia and Tony Craun • Stephanie Jie and Min Cui   • Katherine and Dan Darnell • Anand Veeravagu • Esha Bandyopadhyay and Rajesh Dash   • Lorraine Twohill and Pete Davis   • Anonymous • Shruti Sheth and Richard de Silva • Sumbul and Sanjay Desai   • Rachna and Vic Dharna • Samantha and Brian Dinsmore • Robert and Cindy Dodd   • Michelle and Thomas Donahoe • Saloni and Raj Doshi • Frankie and Stan Drake • Anonymous • Anonymous   • Abby and Egon Durban   • Wendy and Stefan Dyckerhoff   • Robin and Basil Enan   • Marie Encrantz   • Adriana and Ryan Erickson • Scott and Ryan Erickson   • Malinda Lee and Brady Evans • Anonymous • Jenny and Matt Ford • Melissa and Rob Francis • Michelle Dudycha and Brandon Freiman   • Joyce and Jay Friedrichs • Meeta and Dayal Gaitonde • Lynda and Pat Galligan   • Anonymous • Irina and Leo Genyuk • Jimmy Gerrity • Jennifer and Jim Glore   • Ruchi and Rajeev Goel   • Khori Dastoor and BenJoaquin Gouverneur • Anonymous   • Calla and Will Griffith   • Michelle and Jonathan Gross • Jackie Haas • Sarah Speakman and Marshall Haines • David Handler and Doug Pawliuk   • Susan Hamilton and Royal Hansen   • Sally and Brad Hauser • Brooke and Christian Heim • Anonymous • Injung and Max Hong • Lara and Andrew Housser • Courtney Chandler and Tage Howerton • Debbie Kan and Lee Hsieh   • Lily Zhang and Di Hu • Ashley Hunter • Sabah and Asim Husain • Annie Lin and Renny Hwang • Melanie and Dave Jackson • Ana and Nick Janof • Sherry Xie and Bryan Jin   • Yinghua Lu and Michael Jones   • Regina Wallace-Jones and Steffond Jones • Janet and Rishi Kacker • Juliette Lee and Daniel Kanada • Ridhika and Anil Kapur • Deva and Andrew Karam   • Kat Dykeman and Ron Karpovich   • Susannah Howard and Malcolm Katz • Angie and Joe Kauffman   • Misha Aima and Puneith Kaul • Marie and Ayan Kayal • Farah Champsi and Jim Keene   • Kelsey and Jack Kennedy • Cooper Ketsdever • Anonymous • Reese Ketsdever • Shea Ketsdever • Olana and Zain Khan   • Kate Surman and Mike Kiedel   • Maeve Knoth • Karen and Wendy Kridel • Puja Singh and Dharmendra Kumar   • Eva and Tarun Kumar   • Hana and Alex Kvamme • Anonymous • Margaret and Leo Laporte • Lauren and Michael Lavigne   • Kellie Beakey and Glenn Leach • Jaci and Demian Lee • Mary Sheu and Mike Lim • Nicole Wang and Elmer Lin   • Kirsten and Max Lin   • Barby and Jim Little • Brenda and Kevin Lo • Becky and Andy Logan • Victoria and Edmund Louie   • Anonymous • Sarah Cooper Lundell and John Lundell   • Meiko Lunetta • Jory Steele and Sidney Majalya • Meenakshi Balagopal and Shibu Mathew • Anonymous   • Jessica and Sean McBride • Anonymous • Anna and Andy McKeon • Meredith and John Meeks • Ashley Caldwell and Sean Mendy • Dafina Toncheva and Todd Meyerrose   • Haley and Andy Miller   • Chris and Jason Mironov   • Ghazaleh and Shawn Modarresi • Shadan and Braden More • Jen and Corey Mulloy • Romi Mahajan and Brad Murphy • Mina Yazdi and Morteza Nassiri • Maryam and Chris Neil   • Victoria and Michael Neril • Keri and Darren Ng   • Melissa and Oggie Nikolic • Kathleen and Kim Normington • Mary and Mark O'Carroll • Emily and Bob Ohgami   • Maya Dani and Dunigan O'Keeffe   • Amy Schroeder and Zac Oldenburg • Ginger and Dan Oros   • Kerry O'Rourke Bischof and George Bischof   • Megha Saini and Vasu Pasupuleti • Mayuri and Kunaal Patel   • Vaishnavi Kareddy and Vasusen Patil   • Sharolle Payabyab • Ming Mao and Yefei Peng • Preeti Chiluvuri and Arun Penmetsa   • Carrie and Greg Penner • Ariel Petersen • Karen Quach and Thomas Phuong • Erika and Jan Pietzsch • Anonymous • Uri Pomerantz • Casey Powell • Jenny and Luke Proskine • Diljot Kaur and Vishesh Puvadi • Vidhya Thyagarajan and Vivek Raghunathan • Anonymous • Lama Rimawi and Bilal Zuberi   • Amy Lit and Andy Rittenberg   • Fereshta and Mark Roberts   • Parinaz Mohamadi and Mostafa Ronaghi • Kathy and Simon Rothman • Olivia Nottebohm and TJ Rylander   • Alaka Rao and Vijit Sabnis • Jessica and Bobby Samuel • Courtney Samuelson • Pooja and Shyam Sankar • Hema Sareen Mohan and Neal Mohan • Tracy and Ali Satvat   • Beatriz and Leonardo Schneiderman • Evelyn and David Semenza   • Angela Sibley • Prarthna Advani and Puneet Singh • Nina Smith • Taruna and Shant Sood • Jocelynn and Jeff Staley   • Kelly and Elliot Steinhardt • Emily Lopez and Andy Tang   • Nicole and Charley Taylor • Ben Thomasian • Irene and Preston Tollinger • Amy Torre • Chauntelle and Joe Trefz • Rachel Tridas • Cindy and Harrison Turner • Jazmin Valdiosera • Parul Kapoor and Adi Vanam • Anonymous • Michelle and Chuck Vidano • Fang and Yi Wang   • Anh and Jan Weber • Neda and Kris Weems • Stacia and Kevin Wells • Amelia Schultz and Jason Werlin • Anonymous • Hannah Widgren • Susan Winter • Karen Wolfe • Janice and Jonathan Wong • Sarah and Merrett Wong • Brenda and Wade Woodson • Doris Sun and Wei Xiong   • Karen Wang and Richard Xu • Kimberly and Timur Yarnall • Anonymous • Charlotte Zanders Waxman and Alan Waxman   • Laraine Zappert • Meredith and Mike Zappert • Jiena Li and Qi Zhong


Apple Inc. • Barclays Global Investors • Cadence Design Systems • DocuSign, Inc. • Electronic Arts • F2 Family Foundation Inc. • Google Inc.   • Intel Corp.   • Juniper Networks • Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts & Co. L.P.   • Lam Research • Lightspeed Venture Partners • Oracle Corp. • Penner Family Foundation • Staley Family Foundation   • Straus Family Foundation • VMware Foundation

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…to VALUE our faculty with attractive compensation packages – a significant challenge given the Bay Area’s high cost of living.

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