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COVID PLAN 2022-2023


PBS will be vigilant, responsive, and adaptable as we navigate the next phases of COVID. As we move into the 2022-2023 school year, we will continue to prioritize family-based choices and continuity. We want our students to continue reaching their full potential in their academic learning and social-emotional development. We want our families to continue volunteering in classrooms, building community in-person, and celebrating student work on campus. We have learned that our virtual events are beneficial for information-sharing and knowledge-building. All of these activities will continue in the 2022-2023 school year. Although COVID is not going away, the PBS response plan has stood the test of time since March 2020. We can and will successfully achieve our commitment to as safe a campus environment as possible so that students can learn and teachers can teach. To do that, we need your help, so please review our updated COVID guidelines for 2022-2023 and follow them carefully. Thank you for your continued support and flexibility

  • Keep kids safely on campus
  • Optimize the school experience for students, faculty, and staff
  • Build community on campus and through social gatherings
  • Educate students about ongoing transitions in our COVID guidelines

PBS has shifted from a surveillance testing approach to symptoms-based testing.

  • Shifted from school-provided testing to family-provided testing, including when PBS determines to require PCR or antigen testing if COVID conditions warrant it
  • Discontinued the required weekly PCR
  • Discontinued the on-campus PCR testing clinic
  • Discontinued PBS-purchased One Medical family membership as of June 30, 2022, with these exceptions: Faculty, staff, and those families receiving financial aid (see just below)
  • Faculty and Staff: PBS will continue providing One Medical family membership in 2022-2023 so faculty and staff have access to PCR testing at One Medical clinics when needed. PBS will also continue to provide a supply of antigen tests. This is essential to support current and potential OSHA requirements.
  • Families receiving financial aid: PBS will continue providing One Medical family membership in 2022-2023 so that families receiving financial aid have access to PCR testing at One Medical clinics when needed.
  • Test-to-Stay Program: Students not fully vaccinated are required to take a daily antigen test before coming to campus for a minimum of five days after their last exposure to a COVID-positive individual.

PBS will continue family-based choices and prioritize continuity.

  • Monitor COVID symptoms before sending children to school and use home antigen tests to double-check if needed
  • Optional masking indoors and outdoors (family choice), Preschool through 5th grade

PBS needs full community support to avoid COVID transmission and clustering of COVID cases on campus.

  • Inform us promptly if a student, faculty, or staff member tests positive so we can partner with you on a health plan.
  • If a non-PBS community member tests positive at home, we require PBS students from that household to wear a face covering (indoors and outdoors) at school and to participate in our Test-to-Stay Program (see description above). Please be in touch promptly if this is the situation in your family.
  • Faculty and staff: PBS will continue notifying appropriate employees of positive COVID cases.
  • Families: PBS will continue offering opt-in notification of positive COVID cases through December 31, after which we will determine whether or not to discontinue this plan.
  • PBS will continue to closely monitor the health of our community and follow updated county and state requirements regarding COVID cases and exposure.
  • Educational response: Flexible support for students when quarantine is required so they can stay engaged in school work, if feeling well enough and not a burden to families.

PBS follows the scientific data, which makes it clear that vaccination against COVID is essential for personal as well as community health and safety.

  • Employees: COVID vaccination and booster(s) required for eligible faculty and staff
  • Students: COVID vaccination strongly encouraged for all eligible students, including booster(s) when eligible
  • Campus visitors: COVID vaccination and booster(s) required

Parent/Guardian & visitors
COVID Vaccination upload

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PBS Data

We will provide 4 weeks of information on a rolling basis.



of 8/22


of 8/29


of 9/5


of 9/12

New COVID cases each week

2 1    

Student vaccination rate

78% 78%    
Employee vaccination rate 100% 100% 100% 100%

Updated every Friday by 3:00 p.m.
Calculation of the percentage for eligible students:

  • Numerator: Total # of vaccination-eligible students that are fully vaccinated (both shots + two weeks) with documentation from parents on file
  • Denominator: Total # of vaccination-eligible students
  • We are in touch individually with families that have vaccination-eligible students but have not sent us documentation. The goal is to get that documentation in-hand, understand where families are in the process, and make sure people understand the school’s expectation that students get vaccinated.

PBS has a detailed plan to respond to poor air quality, and it has been updated with our COVID response plan in mind.


PBS will add back some or all of these protocols and more-restrictive layers of protection if COVID conditions or data warrant it.

  • Required face coverings outdoors

  • Required face coverings indoors

  • High-quality face coverings: KN95, KF94, or similar

  • Require weekly antigen testing on Mondays before school

  • Require PCR testing

  • Require verification of COVID test results

  • Return to more-restrictive on-campus protocols, e.g., strict cohorting, limit campus visitors, suspend activities like GATHER


As members of the PBS community, we affirm and uphold our responsibility to one another. We are all responsible to assume positive intent and follow PBS’s COVID guidelines and protocols. PBS community members agree to:

  • Make the health and safety of our individual families and the PBS community our top priority, recognizing that at times this will mean putting compliance with health protocols over family convenience: Our choices have a direct impact on the health and safety of our community.

  • Take responsibility for reading and complying with all COVID-related guidelines posted on the PBS website and in school communications 

  • Follow all government requirements

  • Comply with the school’s published testing and reporting protocols

  • Promptly notify PBS when we are aware that a member of our own household has a known or suspected case of COVID

  • Remain mindful of our own and others’ mental health and safety during this time: We all will practice self-care and remain non-judgemental in our thoughts about other PBS community members.

  • Employees: COVID vaccination and booster(s) required for eligible faculty and staff

The PBS leadership team monitors the evolving COVID situation carefully. This regular analysis allows the Head of School to make data-informed and reasonable decisions that are responsive to current circumstances. This regular analysis also affords an ongoing assessment of the school’s established processes, guidelines, and protocols, which have been established by the COVID Task Force.

Thank you to these dedicated and thoughtful volunteers who are part of the 2022-2023 task force, some since June 2020. They represent leaders in our medical, educational, parent, and board communities: Jenny Brokaw, Ashley Chambers, Sumbul Desai, Abby Durban, Robin Enan, Olana Khan, Jackie Haas, Maeve Knoth, Melanie Ladhabhoy, Zac Oldenburg, Sharon Sha, Shruti Sheth, and Scott Erickson (chair).

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