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The one thing I’m most looking forward to about working at PBS is... getting to share my passion of music with everyone on campus. I want each student to have an appreciation for music and understand how it relates to every subject they study.

I chose to work at PBS because... of the energy I witnessed on campus. I saw a true love of learning from every student and a real passion from all of the teachers. 

One or two things you might not know about me are... that I was born in New York and I was once a dance fitness instructor. 

From the announcement of Ashtyn Avella as Music Teacher, in May 2018:

Ashtyn Avella will be our new music teacher. Ashtyn has spent the last four years as a K–12 music teacher with BASIS.ed and has earned a Bachelor of Education in music education from the State University of New York at Fredonia and a Master of Music in instrumental performance from San Francisco State University.