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Mr. David Brandt


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Facilities Team, Staff
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B.A., Psychology, San Jose State University 2014

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The one thing I’m most looking forward to about working at PBS is... being involved with a small school that encourages the development and growth of the students.

I chose to work at PBS because... of the school’s reputation and the warmth of the staff. 

One or two things you might not know about me are... that I earned a black belt in traditional karate, that I have met Bill Nye the Science Guy, that I come from a family of educators and grew up on a small campus similar to this one, and that, growing up in the Santa Cruz mountains, I learned how to drive a tractor before a car.

From the announcement of D.J.’s appointment as Facilities Associate, in May 2018:

D.J. Brandt joined us on May 22 as our facilities associate to ensure support during our three busiest periods: concluding the year, summer facilities work, and getting the new school year off to a good start. He comes to PBS from his role as a warehouse staff supervisor in San Jose; he earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology from San Jose State University.