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Mrs. Ashley Brandt


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Staff, Technology Team
Technology and Database Manager

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B.F.A., Digital Media, San Jose State University 2014

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My favorite thing about PBS is... that I get to spend every day moving around the campus to where I can be the most useful. I love seeing how the students use technology in their classrooms, and I love contributing to their interests.

I chose to work at PBS because... the faculty and staff at PBS were so welcoming and inclusive from the start. I feel like I always have support and understanding from my PBS family.

One or two things you might not know about me are... that in my free time, I like to play video games, tinker with electronics, and make my own costumes.

From the announcement of Ashley Jenkins as Technology and Data Coordinator, in July 2019:

Since starting here as a temp over three years ago, Ashley Jenkins has grown into an invaluable member of the tech team. Always looking to find new ways to help solve problems, recently this has meant she has taken on managing progress reports, conference sign-ups, and helping to document the way we run several processes, such as re-enrollments. This new role sees Ashley continuing in her help desk and educational technology roles while letting her take more leadership and responsibility over major data work that the school will be doing over the next couple of years.